Thursday, October 29, 2020

GDP numbers plus social media censorship

GDP numbers plus social media censorship 10/29 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

The new GDP numbers are great...The Twitter & Facebook story...Early voting mixed results..
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Thursday’s video: Twitter & Facebook are out of control


Nobody got angry when Obama said the same thing

It's getting hard to be a teacher in our public school system, especially when you repeat what Obama once said.  Take a look at this story from Minnesota:   

Charles Glotta, a basketball, tennis and track coach in Fort Zumwalt’s school district, tweeted on October 3, in response to another tweet, “Never should have allowed gay marriage to start with. Marriage is between man and woman, plain and simple,” according to a screenshot of the since-deleted tweet.

Glotta was responding to a tweet from actor Jeremy Leroux criticizing the Republican Party for its position on gay marriage.   

As I understand, the teacher responded with an apology.  Apologize for what?  Wonder how many people were actually insulted by what he wrote?

First of all, Teacher Glotta is entitled to an opinion about marriage.  We do have a First Amendment that allows us to opine on issues.  Have teachers now been written out of the Constitution?  Does that mean that teachers can not support Black Lives Matters either?

Most important of all, we are watching precisely what I feared back when the opinion was issued.  Justice Anthony Kennedy's opinion denied state legislatures the opportunity to pass such laws.  It also made same-sex marriage a right, thus giving people like Team USA forward Sidney Leroux the high ground to push their agenda.

Going forward, we will see more and more parents "home school" or do whatever it takes to put their kids in private schools.  I heard the other day that our Catholic bishop in North Texas said that every desk is full for this term.  He added that more desks will be available next year as parents with kids in public schools call to ask about enrollment options.

So let the teacher speak his mind.  

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