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Impeachment again and a 16-year old climate change expert plus more

Impeachment again and a 16-year old climate change expert plus more 09/24 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Climate change activists are using a 16-year old girl......Impeachment again but can they get the vote? Did the whistleblower hear the conversation or read the transcript?.....President Trump will release the transcript........The Warren Report 1964........Linda McCartney 1941-98.......and other stories.............click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: Impeachment is back....again!

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Tuesday’s video:
Impeachment is back....again!

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Paint him black and he calls for a middle class tax cut

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Canada’s PM Trudeau has had a tough week in the middle of a difficult reelection.  Someone released some photos of Trudeau as the man in black, face and all!
PM Justin Trudeau is trying to change the conversation by calling for a middle class tax cuts.  As my Canadian friend told me yesterday:   “Did he just figure out that we are overtaxed”?
This is from news reports up north:   
In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s blackface and brownface controversy, the Liberal leader made a stop in Brampton, Ont. on Sunday to announce a tax break and cuts to cellphone bills.
“Under our plan, middle class Canadians won’t pay taxes on the first $15,000 of income they earn,” said Trudeau in his remarks.
In a news release, the Liberals claim the tax break would save the average family $585 a year. The Liberals say they will also increase the Basic Personal Amount tax credit by nearly $2,000 for Canadians earning less than $147,000 a year.
Well, so Justin does a Reagan? 
PM Trudeau’s problem is that he looks like another “liberal” hypocrite, or the kinds of people who preach this and that but don’t necessarily practice it.
Also, he seems a bit immature, from his constant apologizing for the “blackface” incident to the time he dressed up in some “Bollywood” wardrobe.
It’s up to Canada to make this call.  I have no idea who will win what appears to be a close election coming up.  
As for me, I love Canada but would love it more if they had a more serious person serving as Prime Minister.
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