Monday, August 07, 2023

RIP Ziva: We remember our friend Ziva

Monday's video: Chinese and Russian warships on the move........Hiroshima 1945 and more

Monday's video: 
 Chinese and Russian warships on the move........Hiroshima 1945 and more


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Monday's podcast: The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:.......Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda........Trump vs DOJ......Young people having fun in New York.....Chinese and Russian warships on the move...Hiroshima 1945...and other stories..

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All the news that wasn’t fit to print

 (My new American Thinker post)

One of the most interesting articles that I’ve read in some time comes from Holman W. Jenkins Jr. of The Wall Street Journal. He asked a key question:

How different would our world be if the American people had been able to rely on their national press for dispassionate, skeptical and honest reporting and analysis of both Mr. Trump and his enemies?

If, in holding Mr. Trump accountable for his election lies, it had also been seen holding his enemies accountable for their lies?

And that’s so correct.

What if the media had actually treated then-senator Obama like a presidential candidate rather than a political version of Harry Belafonte doing the latest calypso to fawning reporters? Seriously, did Senator Obama get a serious question in 2008? Or was he too smart to question?

What if the media had been outraged when President Obama used the IRS to eliminate his critics or use executive orders to issue diktats around the Congress?

What if the media had called for someone to fire Director Comey for allowing Mrs. Clinton to get away with violating all the rules on the books over files? Private server?

What if the media had been outraged that so many Democrats were questioning the 2016 results—and let’s not forget 2000 or 2004. Remember when it was fashionable to call the president illegitimate?

What if all of those “sources” familiar with the Russia investigation would have been ridiculed publicly for lying? And what about the 51“intelligence officials” who signed the infamous Hunter-Biden-laptop-is-Russian-disinformation letter? Any reporters showing up at their homes asking for an explanation?

It’s a little too late now to turn into investigative journalists; the target is, and always has been, President Trump. The public is skeptical of the whole thing, and they should be. This is what happens when some news is not fit to print because it does not fit the narrative.

So we are here, and don’t expect the storm to end anytime soon.

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