Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday's show: How NOT to shut down the government and a few other thoughts

We will look at the shutdown the day after............the Democrats were not united and did not want to shut down the government over DACA.....new polls show the GOP is cutting the generic congressional vote......"Roots" made its debut on TV in 1977...........plus other stories........

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Tuesday's video: How NOT to shut down the government

The Democrats were not united and many did not want to shut down the government over DACA.....very bad move by Democrats.........

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Maybe the climate is changing…

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About nine months ago, President Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  It was the right thing to do, because President Obama never submitted the “accord” to the U.S. Senate as a treaty, and it was just a lot of hot air disguised as a climate document.
So where are we a year after President Trump said goodbye to Paris?
According to IBD, the “global warming” team has a few credibility issues:
A new study published in the prestigious journal Nature finds that all those global warming doomsday scenarios aren’t credible.  Not that you would ever know based on how little coverage this study is getting.
The study, published on Thursday, finds that if CO2 in the atmosphere doubled, global temperatures would climb at most by 3.4 degrees Celsius.  That’s far below what the [U.N.] has been saying for decades[ –] namely[,] that temperatures would rise as much as 4.5 degrees, and possibly up to 6 degrees.
Basically, the scientists involved in the Nature study found that the planet is less sensitive to changes in CO2 levels than had been previously believed.  That means [that] projected temperature increases are too high.
Of course this is just one study, but it supports the contention climate skeptics have been making for years – that the computer models used to predict future warming were exaggerating the impact of CO2, evidenced in part by the fact that the planet hasn’t been warming as much as those models say it should.
Why is this important?  Because all those horror stories told over the past decades are based on predictions of temperature increases that are much higher than 3.4 degrees.
And that’s the problem.  There is nothing settled about this science.
Like most people, I want clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and a nice lake to go camping at.  I love the environment as much as the most devout environmentalist.
At the same time, I also love prosperity and the vacation time it gives us to appreciate the wonders of nature.
My advice to the climate change, or global warming, fanatics, is to get real and stop telling us horror stories about the polar bears.  I am open to hear any reasonable point about protecting the climate, but that’s not what we are getting from the climatistas.
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