Saturday, October 26, 2019

Impeachment just got more difficult

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Once again, cheers for Senator Lindsey Graham.  I say “again” because Senator Graham was brilliant in his defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh a year ago.
We just learned that Senator Graham has 40-plus fellow GOP Senators to support a resolution against the current “impeachment” process in the U.S. House.    
This is how the senator explained it:    
“They’re creating a shadow process that, I think, is just denying basic fairness. And we’re urging them to go back to what worked before,” Graham said.
The resolution is just a statement and nothing more.   It won’t get the 60 votes to make it to a floor vote.  
Nevertheless, it makes it clear that getting 20 GOP Senators to flip on President Trump will be very difficult, if not impossible.
Yes, the resolution is nonbinding but it shows that the Democrats will need a better case to persuade GOP Senators to convict and reverse a presidential election.
Let the voters decide this next year!  I guess that’s what Democrats must really be scared of.
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October 2012: A chat with Mark Meckler & Leslie Eastman

Leslie Easman of Temple of Mut introduced us to Mark Meckler last night.  It was a great conversation.

Mark is also involved with Citizens for Self Governance:

"Our platform is a simple one.  Just as each branch of government checks and balances the power of the others, our four basic principles can restore us to a citizen-fearing republic with effective self-governance.
  1. Disperse power
  2. Engage the citizens in the political process
  3. Break the Left vs. Right Paradigm
  4. End the cycle of incumbency"
Great goals.  We have a lot in common with Mark.

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We remember Richard Egues (1923-2006)

As a young man growing up in Wisconsin, our family turntable was the best source of Cuban culture.  
My parents subscribed to a Cuban “LP of the month club” out of Miami and built up a collection of music. (They still have the LP’s today!) 
One of our favorite groups was Orquesta Aragon, one of the great Cuban bands of the 20th century. 
Richard Eg├╝es was Aragon’s flute player.   His unique sound helped the group achieve world-wide popularity.   In ’99, Egues released a solo album, “Cuban Sessions.”

Egues was born in 1919 and died in 2006.  He was 84 and left us a huge collection of records and songs.
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