Thursday, July 05, 2018

Thursday's show: The Democrats, ICE and now a Supreme Court confirmation fight

Thursday's video: Democrats acting crazy!

Thursday's video:  Democrats acting crazy!

If you’re going to San Francisco

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51 years ago, or what they used to call “the summer of love”, Scott McKenzie had a song in the music charts about San Francisco
It was a tune about love and flowers and became the “hippie” hymn or so I heard in a History or Rockn’ Roll show.
If you’re going to San Francisco these days , please see this headline because you won’t be greeted anymore by gentle people with flowers in their hair: “Major Medical Convention Abandons San Francisco Citing Street Safety“.
This is from from the article:
Tourism is big business in San Francisco, bringing in $9 billion dollars a year to the city’s businesses. 
Now, a major medical convention expected to bring in 15,000 visitors and drop $40 million in less than a week has decided it will stop bringing its members to the City by the Bay because they don’t feel safe walking the streets.
The decline of San Francisco is another exhibit in the decline of liberalism, or better put a philosophy where “anything goes” and everybody is a victim of something.
Like the black on black shootings in Chicago, the problems of San Francisco are largely ignored by the media. I guess that it’s not convenient to talk about blacks killing each or drug addicts on the streets when the Democrats run a city.
It makes sense that conventions are looking for another city. Why would you want to visit an unsafe city? My guess is other cancellations will follow.

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June 2007: The Roberts Court is doing great!

A post from June 2007:

Presidents come and go. However, the Supreme Court Justices survive them.

There are disputes over Iraq and immigration. However, the Roberts Court is working out exactly as advertised.

This is a conservative court! Cheers for President Bush's appointments of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.

There were three important decisions this week. 

The first one limited the rights of citizens to sue over perceived violations of the separation of church and state. 

The second one supported high school authorities who suspended a student over a banner they said challenged their anti-drug message. 

Also, there is the ruling to uphold the law banning a controversial late-term abortion procedure. 

All of these were 5-4 votes, another sing that Pres. Bush has made a difference.

Chief Justice Roberts is a young man. He will write many more rulings. However, so far so good!

Conservatives may be angry with President Bush over immigration. However, they have to love his Supreme Court appointments and their conservative opinions!

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June 2007: Ann Coulter has a point about John Edwards!

A post from June 2007:

They are both silly! 

Nevertheless, Coulter has a point about Mr. Edwards (That was no lady -- That was my husband

It was silly for John Edwards, who is afraid to appear on Fox News because won't let him, to send his wife against Anne! 

Edwards should defend himself! 

 It reminds me of Bill Clinton sending Hillary to talk about the "right wing conspiracy".

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