Sunday, July 30, 2023

Disney should release Kamala Roe and her 7 friends

 (My new American Thinker post)

It's another Sunday and time to reflect on another day in the life and times of VP Kamala Harris, or the lady who said most Americans can’t afford a $400 surprise expense, but conveniently forgot that she is a part of the current administration.   She then called Iowa heartbeat law an 'outright ban' but was not challenged on the exceptions, as in cases of rape or incest.  The VP also forgot that this law is the result of a legislature elected by Iowans.  Who cares about that, when the abortion activists keep calling on the Biden administration to codify Roe?

As Disney continues on a suicide mission of $900 million in losses, they should consider a new movie about someone named Kamala Roe who travels in the forest with her 7 friends. We will cast them as follows:

Dopey is the person who writes her speeches or keeps telling the VP to cackle while laughing;

Grumpy would be Congressman Nadler who hasn't smiled in years;

Sneezy would be Dr. Fauci who wears a mask to protect the community from the latest virus;

Bashful would be Governor Newsom who keeps hinting and hinting;

Sleepy would be President Biden.

Happy is her former staffer.

Can you think of anyone else?

VP Harris is one heartbeat from the presidency and that is why the Democrats will be do everything in their power to keep the President's heart beating.

In the meantime, Disney should consider my idea for the movie because nothing else is selling tickets.

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Happy # 82 Paul Anka, great vocalist and songwriter!

Wonder how many people know that Paul Anka was born in Canada?   He was born on this day in 1941.

Paul is from Ottawa and enjoyed big hits by the time that he was a teenager. 

Anka is one of the few pop artists who had Top 10 songs in the 1950s, 1960's & 1970's!  Who else but Elvis can say that? 

Anka's formula?  Romantic and catchy songs that filled Top 40 play lists in the era of AM radio stations.  I'm sure that lots of our parents have Anka 45's among their belongings and souvenirs.

I learned in the 1970's that Paul Anka composed "My Way" and several TV songs, such as The Tonight Song theme song!  How would you like to collect those royalties?

A few years ago, Paul wrote an autobiography.    He also left us an amazing collection of hit songs, available now on digital.

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