Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tuesday's podcast: Pence documents, California and tax payers & VP Harris


Tuesday's podcast: 

Pence documents, California and tax payers & VP Harris...

Pence documents.....California and tax payers......VP Harris forgets about "life".....PM Winston Churchill (1874-1965)......Happy # 82 Neil Diamond...........and other stories.....

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Tuesday's video: Pence documents, California and tax payers & VP Harris

Pence documents.....California and tax payers......VP Harris forgets about "life".....PM Winston Churchill (1874-1965)......Happy # 82 Neil Diamond...........and other stories.......

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Maybe they need to exorcise the VP's home, too


(My new American Thinker 

According to some news reports, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a priest visit her San Francisco home. 

This is the story:  

Nancy Pelosi tried to excommunicate evil spirits from her San Francisco [mansion] after the vicious attack on her husband in October.

O.K. We sympathize with her and I'm sure that the attack on her husband must have been shocking.

My suggestion is that Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi send that priest over to Vice President Kamal Harris' home for a little excommunication of evil spirits, too.  

This is what VP Harris said in a "Roe anniversary" speech, throwing in a 'how dare they" to go with it.   It was sick:
Bonchie at RedState had some choice commentary about this, noting:

How morally depraved does someone have to be to stand up behind the bully pulpit afforded to the vice president and shout “how dare they” about people who don’t want to kill babies in the womb? How dare they? Really? Is Harris confused about what happens during an abortion? Because I can enlighten her if it’d help matters.   

Of all the topics in politics, it’s the abortion debate that gets me the most, and not just because the stakes are so high. In a world that’s been turned upside down, there is no more of a perversion of basic logic than the idea that it’s a moral failing to be anti-abortion. Harris would never describe it in such detail because the pro-abortion movement lives on euphemisms, but when she stands up there and shouts “how dare they,” she’s asking how anyone could possibly be opposed to a procedure that kills a child by scrambling them and sucking their body parts out of the womb with a vacuum.

Even if one is pro-abortion, that shouldn’t be hard to understand. The basis of the pro-life movement is the protection of unborn life. Harris may not care what happens to unwanted children, but many people do. That’s what motivates them, not this ridiculous idea that they want to “control” other people. And no, they aren’t required to support a socialistic utopia in order to be able to think taking the life of a child is wrong.

For all the arguments we have over politicians and their failings, they all seem quaint in comparison to the abortion debate. These days, you can hardly find a mainstream Democrat who doesn’t support abortion until birth. Heck, you can’t even get the Democratic Party to guarantee medical treatment to babies who survive botched abortions. That’s how far we’ve regressed as a nation.

Yes, I don't get this abortion obsession either.  I'm willing to compromise and have a window for rape and incest.  I'd prefer to see the baby born but I can understand the anguish of carrying a baby under those circumstances.  However, that's not what the vice president is saying.  She is treating abortion as an unconditional "right" and the "life inside" (as my late mother used to call it) as just an unfortunate inconvenience.

So load up a bus with some priests and drop them off at the VP's home.  Let's have a little exorcising and let's drive away those evil spirits.   Maybe the VP can call the former Speaker for suggestions.

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