Sunday, April 25, 2021

How much farther to go before woke Coke hits rock bottom?

Maybe we should call it "the pause that doesn't refresh" anymore.  At least, a lot of people are saying that as they overlook Coke for something else.  This is the latest from the long list of companies who listen to "the wokes" in H.R. rather than the customers who keep them in business. Check this out:

Mere weeks after going public with stern words about the new election law in Georgia, Coca-Cola has become far more muted in its corporate bellowing. Now, we know why. A new poll has come out to show more than pushback from select citizens has taken place; there is widespread rejection of the company's bold pronouncement, becoming just the latest in a growing list of companies who have suffered self-imposed, negative PR.

What a bunch of sissies, if I'm still allowed to use that word in this cancel culture.

First, they don't read the law and go on TV to repeat the talking points that the wokes gave them.  Second, they run away when the cash registers stop ringing.

The question is, why do they do it?  Nobody consumes a soft drink to endorse or reject a political idea.  We have elections and debates to do that.  We consume this or that because we like it and not much more.

When will the shareholders rise? I guess they will when the next quarterly earnings come in and their checks are a little smaller.

Once upon a time, I took business courses in school and learned that a company's mission is to make the best product or offer the best service in the market.

As Peter Drucker wrote: "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."

Let's just say some of our best paid CEOs are failing miserably to remember Mr. Drucker's wisdom.

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