Monday, February 15, 2021

Good news for Yankees' spring training games

Move to Palm Beach taxpayer and bring your business, too.   Yes, they are heading south and probably never going back, according to this story in the New York Post:   

While the majority of those flocking to the area from the New York area are undoubtedly privileged, bargain airfares and hotel stays are allowing a broader spectrum of visitors.

“The irony is, living in Florida is actually one-third less expensive than living in New York -- and younger people are realizing that,’’ said 70-year-old Gene Pressman, a former Manhattanite whose family founded Barney’s and who now lives in Palm Beach.

“Palm Beach used to be full of uptown [Manhattan] people but now the downtown people are here,’’ added Pressman’s wife, Christine, 48.

And after New York’s lockdown, Palm Beach’s social scene -- and its lack of social distancing at some spots -- can cause culture shock for new arrivals.

“People say it’s like the Wild West here,’’ said Todd Herbst, owner of the popular new Palm Beach restaurant Elisabetta’s. “They are surprised at how open everything is here. It’s as if COVID doesn’t exist, but we require all staff to wear masks and we don’t allow parties over 10 people.”

Welcome to Florida and enjoy the difference.

My biggest question is this:  Will they go back when things change in New York?  Will they miss the local restaurant?

It's too early to tell, but my guess is that this is going to be permanent because of the cost of living, taxes, and safety.  The biggest complaint I hear about New York is lawlessness and unsafe streets.  People will stay away if the local government can not clean up the streets and put the criminals in jail.

One quick benefit of this migration is that New Yorkers will get to see their Yankees and Mets in spring training games.  One potential problem is that these New Yorkers bring their politics south and elect Democrats -- the same people that destroyed their city.

Let's hope that they keep their loyalty to the Yankees but not to the politicians who messed up their state.

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