Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday's video commentary: The NFL has a mess

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A chat with Leslie Eastman and Teri O'Brien about today's top stories

Guests: Leslie Eastman and Terri O'Brien join me for a look at the stories of the day......the NFL's War with Trump and American Culture California's War on President Trump..........plus other stories........

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What if the 49ers owner had put his foot down a year ago?

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As far as I know, most NFL owners are very successful businessmen.  They’ve built or run huge organizations and hired thousands.  My guess is that most of those companies have standards of behavior regarding mixing politics with work.  Does Mr. Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, allow people to display their political loyalties at one of his companies?  The answer is very likely no.
Today, the commissioner and the owners look weak when players are out of control.  This is why President Trump hit a nerve.
I agree with Scott Greer:
In the fight over kneeling, Trump is facing off against out-of-touch athletes who appear to be opposing the flag and the troops. 
ESPN and most political pundits may think he is a dummy for engaging in this fight, but if NFL continues to lose fans over it, Trump will come out as the victor.
We will wait for ratings reports.  However, don’t be shocked if Americans support President Trump on this one.  Players were booed over the weekend!
As a huge sports fan, and father of a young man who served in the U.S. Army, I’m not persuaded by athletes who took a knee in London.  Show respect for the anthem and flag is all we ask of you.
Also, tell me what it is that you are protesting about.  Buy some time on TV and tell us about the problems you see and the solutions you propose.  Don’t talk about racism or injustice.  Tell me specifically what you intend to do to about black-on-black crime, inner-city public schools, and bringing more jobs to these areas.
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January 2010: A lot of Massachusetts in the news....

Massachusetts has been in the news lately.

As we enjoy Scott Brown's victory in that special election to replace Senator Kennedy Massachusetts, let's remember another Massachusetts.

Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb wrote and recorded "Massachusetts" in 1967.

It was the lead song of "Horizontal", their second international album.

It is still one of my favorites and featured in their concerts, such as "One Night only" in 1997.

2007: The FISA change is a step in the right direction

Back in August 2007, we saw a little bipartisanship over a national security program.     And we posted this:

Let's agree that everyone cares about civil liberties. Also, let's agree that we are at war. If so, then why would anyone object to giving our side the necessary tools to fight this war?

The Bush haters will never support anything. They hate Bush more than the terrorists that threaten their families. The bad news is that the Bush haters keep on hating. The good news is that lots of Democrats put partisanship aside and voted for reasonable national security program.

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