Saturday, October 03, 2020

Eyes are on Pence and Harris

Mike Pence campaigns in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, 2 days before Trump  visit

We wish President and Mrs. Trump the best as they recover from COVID.  It will have an impact on our politics because the President is 74 and Joe Biden will be 78 in November.   They are both in the age group most vulnerable to COVID, according to the numbers.
There are two consequences to the bad news:
First, it will shift the focus to VP Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris.  All of a sudden the possibility of a Pence or Harris presidency is real.  We've written before that one of these two could be president.  COVID just brought home that reality more than ever.   
Second, Trump Derangement Syndrome will take some time out because it's not nice to attack a sick man.  It won't stop every idiot affected by TDS but I don't think most Americans will react kindly to someone taking a cheap shot at a president recovering from COVID.   
In fact, we may enter a few weeks where Trump will be off the stage and we may actually talk about issues rather than be obsessed with his personality.   With all due respect to President Trump, we may learn over the next weeks how successful VP Pence will be at presenting the strong Trump record, from the U.S. economy to foreign policy to COVID recovery.
Who knew that VP Pence would close it for President Trump?  He may just do that.   
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A word about Tom Clancy

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It's still hard to believe that Tom Clancy is dead.  He died in 2013.

I say "shock" because there were no reports of bad health.

Clancy wrote some rather amazing books.   

Some of his books became huge movies, too. 

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