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Senator McCain, Mrs. Clinton won't go away and other stories.

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Too much Hillary

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Hillary Clinton is having a hard time leaving the stage and joining the rest of past presidential candidates who made a concession speech on election night.  
After all, VP Gore found something to do to get over his 2000 election defeat! President Carter got busy supervising elections around the world and building homes for the needy. President Bush-41 came back to Houston and dedicated his time to a wonderful library at Texas A&M. Governor Romney moved on and did not dwell on his defeat.     
In other words, they all moved on — except Mrs. Clinton who apparently can’t.
Mrs. Clinton is back and my guess is that most Democrats don’t like it, as Ed Rogers wrote a couple of days ago:
She has rejected well-founded concerns about her blocking the rise of new voices within the Democratic Party and about not supporting a new generation of Democratic leadership. 
But in fact, in typical self-serving Clinton style, she is taunting the world with the idea that she might contest the 2016 election results. 
In an NPR interview this week (of course it was an NPR interview), Clinton said she would not rule out challenging the legitimacy of the 2016 election if “we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now.” 
She knows it won’t happen, but she is still desperate for applause and willing to pretend that Donald Trump isn’t really our legitimate president. 
It’s all rather sad if you think about it.
Yes, it is rather sad indeed.
After she lost to then-senator Obama in 2008, I remember saying to a friend: What is Mrs. Clinton going to do? How does she get over this?
After losing to President Trump, I asked a slightly different question: How is this lady going to spend the rest of life knowing that her biggest ambition never materialized?
I think that we are seeing how she is coping with it all. Mrs. Clinton has chosen to be in our face explaining how she lost and how it was not fair. She has become the biggest sore loser since who knows who.   
The good news is that we Republicans or “anti-Clintonistas” can joke about it and flip the channel.
The bad news is that Democrats have to put up with her. They have to play along because she keeps showing up on their stage.    
Hillary is even criticizing Mrs. Trump! I can’t remember the last time anything like that happened in U.S. history.   
Yes, it’s very sad indeed.  
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2007: Congratulations to Tony Gwynn

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George Will's "Men at Workis a great baseball book. Will selected Tony Gwynn as his favorite hitter.  In 2007, Gwynn was voted into the HOF.

Like Clemente and Aaron, Gwynn played in the shadows of better known players in bigger markets. Yet, he put together an amazing
"Gwynn charted his course to Cooperstown, N.Y., early on and never wavered in his pursuit of perfection in his chosen craft.

Racing through the team's farm system after getting drafted in the third round in 1981, Gwynn joined the Padres in Philadelphia on July 19, 1982, and found his name on manager Dick Williams' lineup card that night, batting fifth and playing right field.Answering the challenge, Gwynn banged out the first two of his 3,141 hits -- a double to center off Sid Monge and a single to center off Ron Reed.Gwynn stayed right where he was, as constant and as cool as the Pacific Ocean breezes, for two decades. He made 15 All-Star teams, winning eight batting titles -- matching Honus Wagner's National League record -- while finishing in the top 10 for 15 consecutive seasons.His .338 career average is the best in the sport since native San Diegan Ted Williams retired his .344 average in 1960."
Unfortunately, I did not get to see Gwynn play because I've always lived in AL cities. He was the quiet superstar and best pure hitter since Rod Carew.

2007: Frank Thomas hit # 500!

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In the 1990s, Frank Thomas was one of the best right handed hitters in baseball.  In fact, he killed the Rangers and just about every other team!   

In 2007, Thomas hit #500 and became the 21st player to join one of the game's elite groups.

He was selected to the Hall of Fame in 2014.

2007: Craig Biggio and 3,000 hits!!

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For 20 years, we had the pleasure of cheering for Craig Biggio of the neighbor Astros!

In 2007, Biggio became the 27th major league to reach 3,000 hits!   In fact, he had 5 hits the night that he did it.

Biggio was a great player and a wonderful teammate! 

He made it to the Hall of Fame in 2015.   He is one of a few players with 3,000 hits, 600 doubles, 400 stolen bases and 250 home runs.

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