Saturday, November 07, 2020

Count the votes and then fight

We woke up Friday morning to the news that former Biden has leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia.  What does it mean?  It means that he is leading but it’s not the final score.

My suggestion to the Trump legal team is to let states declare an unofficial final total, take a recount where ever it’s automatic or pay for one in the other states.

In other words, force the “vote counters” to prove that the results are honest.  I think that the people who voted for President Trump are entitled to that, as Charlie Hurt wrote:  

Mr. Trump is still in this. It is not over yet.

Not that the guy needs to be told this, but Mr. Trump should contest every single vote in every single state for as long as he has viable legal options. And there are plenty of “voting irregularities” to contest.

Nearly 100 million voters cast ballots early this year — a strain to the system like we have never seen before. Millions cast ballots through the mail — a process that has long been ripe for corruption.

Then we read stories about thousands of duplicate ballots sent to residences and faulty ballots that were printed but not destroyed.

We read a reliable story about a Republican county that Mr. Trump won with 60% of the vote four years ago that he lost this year by the same 60-40 margin. Possible? Perhaps. Likely? Not on your life.

So let the count go on.  

After the unofficial results, bring the lawyers and go ballot by ballot.  And don’t forget that GOP state legislatures will have a lot to say about the counting in Georgia, Nevada, et al.

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