Thursday, June 16, 2022

Watergate plus 50 and moving from California to Mexico plus more

Watergate plus 50....There were threats about violence 2 weeks before January 6th......Moving from California to Mexico...Biden administration going after Border Patrol?....1858 Abraham Lincoln running for the US Senate spoke about 'a house divided'........
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Thursday's video: Watergate plus 50 and moving from California to Mexico

Thursday's video: 
Watergate plus 50 and moving from California to Mexico.....

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Beto still down in Texas

 (My new American Thinker post)

We have not seen an Abbott vs O'Rourke poll in a month. Maybe the pollsters prefer spending their resources elsewhere. Last night, I saw this one via Newsweek:   

A new poll published on Monday found that Abbott, a Republican, leads O'Rourke by 19 points among likely Texas voters but also found widespread support for new restrictions on gun purchases.

The BluePrint Polling survey found that 48.5 percent of respondents said they would definitely vote for Abbott, while 7 percent were leaning toward the Republican. A further 32.9 percent said they would definitely vote for O'Rourke and just 4.3 percent said they were leaning toward the Democrat.     

While 7 percent of those surveyed said they were unsure who they would vote for, the figures show aggregate support for Abbott now stands at 56 percent and O'Rourke enjoys just 37 percent support -- a gap of 19 points.

The poll is a bit different because it gives you a couple of potential scenarios: Definitely and leaning.    

To be sure, I had never seen a poll by BluePrint Polling. It could be a new agency or an old one with a new name.  

The "definitely" vote is similar to the current RCP average of Abbott plus 7. The leaning vote of 56-37% could be correct but there is no other poll showing a gap like that.  We will have to wait for the next one.  A margin of 19 reminds us of 2014 when Governor Abbott was elected by defeating Wendy Davis by 20. The governor won by 13 the year of the Beto wave of 2018.

This poll is the first one since "The Beto Show" in Uvalde, Texas.  Remember when Robert Francis interrupted a press conference to blame the school shooting on Governor Abbott?   It does not appear he scored any points from that performance.

On another note, congratulations to Mayra Flores for flipping Texas # 34.  Her victory confirms that voters in that district reject President Biden's border disaster and more importantly, do not recognize the Democrat party that their parents and grandparents used to vote for.

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