Saturday, August 08, 2020

Biden doing a little ‘Jive Talkin”

Why Biden is impervious to gaffes
Back in the summer of 1975, The Bee Gees revived their career with “Jive talkin’“.   The lyrics remind me of what we are hearing from Joe Biden:  
“Nobody believes what you say
It’s just your jive talkin’
That gets in the way.”
Our “gaffe a day” Joe just gets better everytime he answers or tries to answer a question.   The “talkin gets in the way,” to paraphrase Barry Gibb.
Biden’s comments about “blacks” and “Latinos” must have been very bad because we hear that some at CNN and MSNBC are defending them:  
Prior to Friday morning, when MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough defended Biden’s “inartful” comments on diversity and CNN’s John Berman pointed out the “irony” of President Trump going after Biden over his racially-charged remarks, there was a virtual blackout of the controversy for nearly two full days on their networks. 
Why the defense?   Because it hurts Biden and they know it.
What if President Trump had said that blacks give 90% of their vote to the Democrats because they think alike?  I think that you know the answer.
So this is double problem.
First, it proves that Biden is an issue every time he is on his feet or sitting down for one of these soft interviews.   I’m not sure that he hears or understands the questions.  For example, he was asked about engaging with Cuba and went off into the “diversity” comments.  Was he avoiding the Cuba issue or just didn’t understand the question?
Second, it confirms that there is a media double standard.  Some give the Democrats a pass and then jump on every Trump tweet.
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