Monday, November 17, 2014

NY Times to Cuban doctors: Do your job and forget about freedom!

What do they do at The New York Times when Obama Care premiums go up or President Obama's foreign policy is falling apart?   

In other words, what happens when their pet project doesn't lower premiums or their favorite peacemaker is about to start another war without going to Congress?

The answer is that they write more and more editorials about Cuba.    Yes, our lovely island is now the obsession of a few writers at The NY Times.     

The latest one is as irrational as the previous ones.   

First, they called for lifting the embargo last month even though they admitted that Cuba is a police state.   Why reward a police state by opening access to US credit lines?   We are still waiting for an answer.

Second, they called for trading Mr Gross, a US citizen, for "3 of the Cuban 5" convicted spies.   They admitted in this editorial that there was no reason to hold him in prison.    So why aren't we asking for his unconditional release?   Why trade convicted spies for someone unjustly imprisoned by a dictatorship?

Now, they want Cuban doctors around the world to put freedom aside and do the regime's work:
"Many medical professionals, like a growing number of Cubans, will continue to want to move to the United States in search of new opportunities, and they have every right to do so. But inviting them to defect while on overseas tours is going too far."   
I  guess that the "Cuba experts" in the newspaper believe that Cuban doctors choose to go overseas and do the regime's propaganda.   Has it occurred to any of the "Castro apologists" that doctors don't choose to go to Venezuela or Africa?   They are sent there by the regime!

Again, The NY Times editorials want Cubans to do the dictator's bidding and put their desire to be free aside.     What are they putting in the water at the paper's editorial offices?

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2016: Don't underestimate Gore

As we speculate about the next election, a fun thing for us Cowboys' fans to do on a "bye weekend", let me say that 2016 could be the perfect campaign to revive former VP Al Gore.   
Let's start by saying that Mr Gore is the perfect alternative to Hillary Clinton.  He is liked by the left and can claim to have "won" an election.    

Furthermore, I think that a lot of the left knows that Senator Warren is charming but un-electable.  

There is also a real vacuum in the Democrats' bench.   Who is else is out there? Gov Brown of California?  Gov Cuomo of New York?  The former Governor of Maryland?  Secretary of State John Kerry?

Unlike Mrs Clinton, former VP Gore does not have to defend a foreign policy or Iraq War vote. He will oppose any military action against ISIS.

Mr Gore can claim credit for the 1990s economy even more than Mrs Clinton. After all, wasn't he VP during that time?

And the "climate change crowd" loves him!    In fact, Mr Gore recently praised the deal that President Obama made in China:
"This week's joint announcement by President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping to reduce their nations' carbon emissions is a major step forward in the global effort to solve the climate crisis. Much more will be required -- including a global agreement from all nations -- but these actions demonstrate a serious commitment by the top two global polluters.  
President Xi Jinping's announcement that Chinese emissions will peak around 2030 is a signal of groundbreaking progress from the world's largest polluter. President Obama's commitment to reduce US emissions despite legislative obstruction is a continuation of his strong leadership on the issue.  
By demonstrating their willingness to work together, the leaders of the United States and China are opening a new chapter in global climate negotiations. This bold leadership comes at a critical time for our planet when the costs of carbon pollution affect our lives more and more each day."

Yes, the money is on Hillary Clinton today. But I would not underestimate a candidate loved by the base like former VP Gore. 

How can you underestimate a man who wrote a book about global warming and has turned into the darling of left wing causes?

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