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Violence in Mexico and the impact on the US-Mexico border with George Rodriguez

Violence in Mexico and the impact on the US-Mexico border with George Rodriguez 11/06 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative activist......We will look at the violence in Mexico and how it impacts the border.......and more to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Massacre in Mexico....

Wednesday’s video:
Massacre in Mexico.....

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‘Hugs not bullets’ is getting people killed in Mexico

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Frankly, nothing surprises me anymore in Mexico.   First, the homicide rates are setting new records.  Second, El Chapo’s son is released when cartels overwhelm a military platoon.  Third, and this is vicious, women and children are killed.   Did I tell you that they are Americans?
At least six children and three women living in a faith-based community of U.S. citizens in Mexico were shot to death Monday in the northern part of the country, and six more children were wounded and one missing after their convoy came under fire during a brazen daylight ambush believed to have been carried out by gunmen affiliated with the cartels.
Alfonso Durazo, Mexico’s top security official, confirmed the six deaths, adding that six more children were wounded in the attack, with five transferred to hospitals in Phoenix, Ariz. One child is still missing.
How does this happen?  I guess that the cartels confused the compound for a rival gang.  At least, that’s what they are saying in Mexico.
The other reason is a bit more complicated.
President Andres Lopez-Obrador decided that you fight criminals with “hugs not bullets.”
Like President Obama promising but never closing Guantanamo, President Lopez-Obrador is learning that some criminal elements do not want to be hugged.  Instead, they want to kill you.
As a Mexican friend told me on the phone, nothing in the strategy addresses the deadly use of high-powered guns by criminal elements.  We saw a bit of that in Culiac├ín when cartels demanded and got a prisoner released.
My sympathies with the families of these innocents caught up in this murder.  Unfortunately, it happens a lot in Mexico, especially in the rural areas where criminal elements seem to be running the roads.
It may be time for joint military operations with Mexico!
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1938: The DiMaggio brothers played in the same game

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On this day in 1938, the three DiMaggio brothers played on the same outfield in an exhibition game.    

We all know about Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio.   His two brothers also played in the majors.

Dom DiMaggio hit .298 in 1,399 games with Boston Red Sox.   Dom also spent 3 seasons in military service.

Vince DiMaggio hit .249 in 1,100 games with various teams.   

Quite a baseball family!

1969-71: Mike Cuellar was a great pitcher

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As we wait for the annual Cy Young Awards, we remember Mike Cuellar as one of the top left handed pitchers in the American League.  

Cuellar was traded to Baltimore after pitching with Houston and making the NL All Star Team. Nobody expected the crafty Cuban to win 143 games over the next 8 seasons, 1969-75.
In 1969, Cuellar won 23 for the AL Champion Orioles who won 109 games. Mike finished in a tie with Denny McClain (24 wins) for the AL Cy Young.    He also won game 1 of the World Series, or the only game that the Orioles won, and pitched very well in game 4 but lost 2-1.

In 1970, Cuellar won 24 and came in 4th behind Jim Perry, Dave McNally & Sam McDowell in the Cy Young Award race.   Mike pitched a complete game in game 5 to beat Cincinnati and clinch the title for Baltimore.

In 1971, Cuellar was one of the 4 Orioles who won 20 games.   Mike pitched twice in the World Series but lost game 7 when the late Roberto Clemente hit a game winning home run.
He also won 18 in 1973 and 22 in 1974, including several starts in the pennant race with 2-days rest. Once again, he pitched in the post season but the A’s beat the Orioles in the ALCS both times.
Cuellar retired with 185 wins and a 3.14 ERA.
Without question, he was the most consistent lefty in the American League during that time.
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