Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday's show: The Janus decision, political upset in New York and other stories

Wednesday's video: The "Janus" decision and politics

Wednesday's video:   The "Janus" decision and politics

Keep Maxine talking................

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Our wonderful Cuban mother had a great comeback whenever one of us would get out of line. She would say in Spanish something that loosely translates to “keep talking because you are not helping your cause”!     
Maxine Waters’ latest rant is the greatest thing that’s happened to the GOP since President Carter’s malaise speech.    
Who knew that the GOP Santa Claus came in late June?
We hear that Rep. Andy Biggs introduced a House measure calling for her censure.  My guess is that such a vote would get a lot of Democrat support if it was in secret.
In other words, Democrats are starting to realize that their side has crossed a line, as Roger Simon wrote:   
Self-destructive, nincompoop behavior is rampant with members of the so-called Resistance (what a desecration of the real Resistance that is!) now showing up at restaurants to harass members of the administration while they eat.  Do these clowns have any idea how that plays in Middle America?  Do these people think they are accomplishing anything but their own defeat?
Simon is correct in two ways.   
First, the left is obsessed with resisting for the sake of resisting everything President Trump; and, 
Second, they do not know how it plays in Middle America. They don’t understand the values of so many places that they have to win to gain a majority in the House or preserve those red-state Senate seats. They are clueless!
So don’t censure this crazy lady. It’s true that Representative Waters is obscene and as crazy as it gets.  However, keep her talking because she is contributing to the demise of today’s Democrat Party.
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The Supreme Court got it right again!

Another big Supreme Court decision:   "Supreme Court deals blow to unions, rules against forced fees for government workers.

The decision means that employees "....cannot be forced to pay so-called "fair share" fees to support collective bargaining and other union activities."

It's really a big blow for the Democrats.    For too long, the Democrats have used public sector unions as "cash boxes".   Just look at California and Illinois.

My guess is that it won't impact private sector unions, where employees and employers negotiate. 

Again, this is a defeat for public sector unions who have dis-proportionally favored Democrats on the assumption that the entire membership agreed with them.

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Remember when we said that the 2016 election was about judges?

Trump won, we got Gorsuch and the "Janus" ruling today.  It will end the cozy relationship between public sector unions and the Democrats.  Private sector unions will go on but the political landscape in California, Illinois and other "blue" states will change......

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