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Wednesday's podcast: GOP Speaker battle, more Twitter files released and Great Society 1965

Wednesday's podcast:    

GOP Speaker battle, more Twitter files released and Great Society 1965....

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Wednesday's video: GOP Speaker battle, more Twitter files released and Great Society 1965

Wednesday's video: 
 GOP Speaker battle, more Twitter files released and Great Society 1965......

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Michael Goodwin is right about the media


(My new American Thinker post)

 It's beginning to look like a new year because the pages are full of predictions.  I do like one prediction from Michael Goodwin about the future of the media.  

Take a look:       

The decline in credibility has been astonishingly swift, beginning with an unprofessional fawning over Obama, then turning on Trump with shocking ferocity. After initially treating his 2016 candidacy as a novelty, CNN, MSNBC, broadcast networks and major newspapers and magazines came to see him as an existential threat to their status as gatekeepers. He wouldn’t play by their rules, so they set out to destroy him. 

Their assault made them allies with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Obama-Biden White House, the FBI and CIA. It was a travesty that led the press to abandon standards of fairness toward Trump, and eventually all Republicans and conservatives.   

Soon, the lack of guard rails devolved into a “woke” approach that embraces destructive nostrums from socialist-leaning economics to anti-white racism. The capitalizing of “Black” but not “white” aims to enshrine patronizing bias in the grammar rulebook. 

Reverting to a more even-handed media won’t be easy, but it could begin with a publisher or top editor at The New York Times or Washington Post simply finding the courage to demand fairness. 

Good luck with change coming from the publisher or editor.   

My guess is that the change will come from the shareholders or the Chief Financial Officer getting subscription reports every month or the guys at cable getting the ratings memo.   

For example, the Washington Post announced job cuts and then the spokesman pulled a Biden and refused to answer questions.   Is that funny or what?

Over at the cable news desk, MSNBC declined 21% and CNN dropped 33%.   Fox stayed even but they are not growing.  In what they call "the key demo", or apparently the number that advertisers get excited about, Fox News 346,000 viewers (down 7%), CNN (174,000 viewers, down 36%) and MSNBC (133,000 viewers, down 39%).   

Yes, I agree with Mr. Goodwin that "a reformed media" is everyone's favorite resolution.  In the meantime, more and more people are not expecting that and voting with their subscriptions or TV channel tuners.   

We are not sure if Roberto Duran actually said "no más" to end that fight years ago but US media consumers are definitely saying "no more."

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