Saturday, November 14, 2020

They get more 'loco' by the minute

Are we ready to cut a check to our fellow Latinos?  Well, a UCLA professor thinks so:   

A book titled, Inventing Latinos: A New Story of American Racism, written by University of California Los Angeles School of Law professor, Laura Gomez, is advocating for the United States to provide reparations for the Latino community.

According to Gomez’s website, the main theme of the book, as described from an excerpt from the introduction, is “the how and why of Latinx identity becoming a distinctive racial identity.” Furthermore, it says, “this book explains how and why Latinos became cognizable as a racial group -- a racial group that is Other and inferior to Whites.”

Thank you for telling me that I'm part of a group "inferior to whites."  I can't wait to pass that message to our three sons, and new grandson, during the Thanksgiving dinner.  I will then apologize to them for insisting on self-reliance, studying, and working hard.

What Hispanics are going to qualify for this payment?  What will we have to prove?  I can't wait for some Democrat to promote this program to the Hispanic community.

Maybe now you understand why Hispanics are taking another look at President Trump and the GOP.

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