Thursday, October 17, 2013

Does the Obama team understand the relationship between premiums and deductibles?

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Another day and more evidence that the framers of ObamaCare did not really understand what they voted for.  

Also, you get the feeling that the ObamaCare project was all about politics without regard for any economic considerations, such as the relationship between premiums and deductibles.

We are also hearing about "sticker shock" in Oregon and Illinois.

This is from a TV report in Oregon:   

"Some customers of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of Oregon's largest insurance providers, say that's exactly what's happening.   
They say they are finding their health care plans are dramatically changing under the Affordable Care Act.   
"Policy holders are seeing almost double their monthly premiums," said a KATU viewer named Larry in an email. He said his wife's premium will increase by $300 under the Affordable Care Act.    
Cover Oregon spokesman Michael Cox says most insurance plans that focus on lower premiums and higher deductibles will be replaced by plans with lower deductibles and higher benefits."

This is more on deductibles and premium from The Chicago Tribune:    

"Those who have managed to browse the marketplace have often been hit by sticker shock.    
Take Adam Weldzius, a nurse practitioner and single father from Carpentersville.   
He sought the same level of coverage on the exchange as he and his 7-year-old daughter have now, with the same insurer and the same network of doctors and hospitals.    
At best, Weldzius found, his monthly premium of $233 would more than double.   
If he chose a plan priced at the same level, the annual deductible would be $12,700, more than three times his current $3,500 deductible."

Who read this law? Was the public lied to when we were told that the Affordable Health Care Act would be affordable?  

Did anyone understand that there is a relationship between deductibles and premiums?  In other words, was anyone told that this plan would be more affordable because deductibles would be significantly higher than what most families currently have?   

Obama Care is starting to smell like a perfect storm of deception and incompetence. 

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Who lost? Our kids lost because they will have to pay for our stupidity

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Tom Friedman of The NY Times is correct:  "Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All."

Yes, we used the kids' money because we don't have the courage to stop spending.  We went into their "college fund" so that we can pay for that extravagant vacation that we went on last month.

We don't have a president who wants to lead.  We have a gerrymandered Congress who doesn't have to negotiate because 95% of them will be reelected. 

Last but not least, we have a media treating this whole thing like last month's American League's wild card race.  Who won?  Who lost?  Who is in and who is out?

Let me tell you who won?  Nobody!

Let me tell who lost.  Everybody, or at least everybody who does not work in the executive or legislative branch.

The country lost because we "brokered" another deal that does not fix a darn thing.  It simply postpones all of the difficult choices until mid-January! 

Maybe responsibility will rain on Washington in 90 days.  My guess is that we will repeat this sad episode, call each other names and punt again.

Friedman is right on target.  We are not thinking about the next generation!

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Brazil cartels announce “a terror campaign”

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We've posted a couple of times about the street demonstrations in Brazil, i.e. protests related to the spending for the World Cup and Olympics!
Brazil may also face a very serious terror campaign, if the cartels have their way:
"Brazil's biggest drug cartel has promised a 'World Cup of terror' next year - in a reminder of the high level of violence that still marks the country.The threat was issued by the First Capital Command in Sao Paulo, who last year was behind the murder of more than a hundred of the city's police officers. And last night violent demonstrations exploded on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with protesters setting fire to cars and fighting pitched battles with police. The protests were in support of a teachers' strike and were the latest in a long line of unrest that has seen millions take to the streets in Brazil to protest against the government."
I hope that the Brazilian authorities are taking this threat very seriously.
There will be thousands of fans and visitors all over the country. The Cup will be played in various cities and there are going to be lots of people on highways and airplanes going back and forth.
Brazil's government faces a lot of discontent, specially in some of the poor neighborhoods.
First, many people feel that the spending has been inefficient and excessive.
Second, "crony capitalism" is alive and well in Brazil.
Let's hope for the best but don't be surprised if the World Cup turns into a lot more than "futbol"!
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