Saturday, December 07, 2019

Speaker Pelosi playing games with DACA again

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On Thursday morning, Speaker Pelosi responded to a question about “hating Trump” saying that impeachment is about the US Constitution and our oath to uphold the law.   
Then she added that as a good Catholic she resents the word hate.
After that, she blasted President Trump with some pretty nasty criticism, such as her comments about DACA and “the dreamers.”
Let’s leave the Speaker’s Catholicism between her and the Pope.  I don’t like to judge a fellow Catholic, but I do know that my church does not support abortion.   Mrs. Pelosi does and Pope Benedict did not like that when the two met in 2009.   My guess is that she would get a similar reaction from Pope Francis.
As for DACA, someone needs to remind Speaker Pelosi about some recent history.
First, The 2010 version of The Dream Act died in the US Senate about 9 years ago.  In other words, 59 Democrats could not pass it.  Why? The answer is that 5 Democrats voted no:   Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Jon Tester and Max Baucus, both of Montana.   Another Democrat, Senator Manchin missed the vote but announced before that he was against it.
As for the most recent version of DACA, the Democrats said no to President Trump’s offer back in January 2018.  I guess that they didn’t want to negotiate with him although CNBC thought that it was a deal worth pursuing:    
The Trump administration has finally made a detailed and public proposal on what to do about the so-called “Dreamer” illegal immigrants who came to this country as children.Predictably in this climate of political rancor, leading Democrats are already slamming President Trump’s offer. But even a casual analysis of the White House plan shows why the Democrats would be crazy to reject it.Though it’s not the “skinny deal” that would more easily pass, it does offer Democrats a number of benefits and a chance to save face after the shutdown mess.
And now back to Speaker Pelosi.
She is lying about DACA and giving a pass to her party’s unwillingness to negotiate the issue.
Yes, I support legalizing some of the dreamers.  I did not support the way that President Obama did it by going around Congress.
No matter what, Speaker Pelosi’s partisan attacks on President Trump is exactly the poison that keeps Washington from delivering on anything.
I hope that Speaker Pelosi went to confession after that pathetic press conference.
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