Saturday, May 01, 2021

The blues are getting worried about the border mess

The blues are getting worried about the border mess: My new AT post about the border.....

Over the last few weeks, we've heard from a lot of border mayors and congressmen about the mess in their neighborhood.  My guess is that a lot of them would have preferred for VP Harris to come to Laredo, Texas than having a virtual talk with the President of Guatemala.

Anyway, it's not surprising that blues are starting to complain about the Biden policy, especially facing reelection in 2022 like Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona.

President Biden said nothing of consequence about the border the other night and the "blues" are not happy.  This is from Bryan Preston:   

It is a border crisis. American citizens in the border states are seeing their vehicles stolen, their property overrun, and their lives endangered by chaos as about 1,000 illegal migrants, aliens, whatever term of art the government-media complex prefers to use today, cross into the United States daily. 

Needless to say, the illegal border crossers are not being screened for COVID. Coyotes don’t provide that service in the vehicles they steal to move their human cargo across the border. The United States largely doesn’t know who they are, where they came from, or where they’re going.

In Texas, it was Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar who first leaked video of the real conditions on the border to get around Biden’s blackout of media coverage.

Can you understand why?  Who came up with the idea of letting people in in the middle of a pandemic?  We've just seen a silly scene of vaccinated congressmen wearing masks and standing apart from each other.  At the same time, we're letting people into the country who are not screened for COVID.

Worse of all, it's obvious that criminal elements have been the single biggest beneficiary of this mess.  Bad people are making money moving other people.  Don't we call that smuggling?

The blue backlash is coming because Biden's policy is putting a lot of Democrats in political trouble.

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