Friday, June 06, 2014

Why doesn't Pres Obama address the nation about closing Gitmo

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I think that Chuck Todd is right:
"I have to say, I think this is all about Gitmo. Everything about this has been about Gitmo,....."
Mr Todd was talking about Sgt Bergdahl and the trade for 5 hard core terrorists.

Closing Gitmo was a promise that Mr Obama made in the campaign. 

Unfortunately for the president, the Democrats in Congress tied his hands by demanding 30 days' notice on moving any of the detainees.

Closing GITMO is another of those "hope and change" promises that met reality on the way to the president running the country. Beyond all of that, President Obama has a responsibility to explain why we should close Gitmo. 

Unfortunately, he never speaks to us.  Instead, he acts unilaterally to go around 
Democrats who were all for closing Gitmo when President Bush was in the Oval Office.

I call on President Obama to address the nation and explain his reasons for wanting to close the facility.

First, why isn't Gitmo necessary anymore?  What do we do with people captured on the battlefield?  Should we execute or hold them?

Second, who is going to take these prisoners?  What countries are willing to take them? 

Third, what's wrong with holding people who'd be killing Americans if they were released?   Does anyone think that these men will go home and coach Little League soccer or renounce violence?

Fourth, whose human rights are we violating by detaining these men?   Aren't they fed, clothed and allowed to pray in Gitmo? 

Fifth, where did he get the authority to go around Congress?  Didn't he once criticize President Bush for "signing statements"?

President Obama has never explained the reasons for closing Gitmo.  We heard all of this nonsense during the 2008 campaign about "our standing around the world" but that's not a national security explanation.

My guess is that "closing Gitmo" is a lot more about keeping a promise to the left.    

After all, where is the outrage about closing Gitmo between NY City and San Francisco?   I don't see it!

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