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The shoplifting blues

 (My new American Thinker post)

Once upon a time, we used to call shoplifting stealing.  But recently, shoplifting has been the latest episode of  "No justice no peace." In other words, there are many blue city district attorneys who don't think that shoplifting is worth arresting you.  Let them steal and let the corporate cats eat their losses.

Well, it turns out that the corporate cats have limits and can't just sit back and let their stores get sacked.  This is the story:    

Major retailers in the US have been forced to shut down stores due to millions of dollars in losses as rampant theft plagues big box stores across the country. 

This week, Walmart announced it will shut down four of its stores in Chicago just weeks after America's biggest employer shuttered its only stores in Portland. 

It comes as shoplifting reaches alarming levels and other large retailers, including Target, Macy's and Best Buy,  are now making good on threats to shutter outlets if petty crime was not lowered.     

In 2021 retailers lost a combined $94.5billion to shrink, a term used to describe theft and other types of inventory loss. And organized retail crime incidents soared by 26.5 per cent in the same year, according to the 2022 National Retail Security Survey.

Along with brazen daylight thefts, self-checkouts have also made it easier for people to walk out without paying for items. 

Progressive district attorneys in cities like Chicago, New York, Portland and California have also been blamed for effectively legalizing shoplifting with either not prosecuting thefts under $950, or letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist. 

Who knew that uncontrolled shoplifting and allowing criminals to run out of stores with jewelry and whiskey bottles would eventually translate into stores closing their doors for good?  Where did we hear that before?

Of course, it's more than closing stores to shoppers.  A retail store hires people and pays taxes.  In many locations, it may be the only drugstore around.  

There are broad consequences to shoplifting.  As stores close in our cities, local governments will lose the tax base that pays for a lot of social services.  The bottom line is that the community will lose.  Are you listening, Democrats?

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