Saturday, May 29, 2021

I guess that Caitlyn Jenner is the wrong type of transgender

(My new American Thinker post)

It was bound to happen.  In other words, the left would tell us that Caitlyn is a Republican and can not be a transgender or something like that.  This is from news reports:  

Though Caitlyn Jenner would be the first transgender governor if elected to lead California, she’s been largely rejected by the transgender community, who see her Republican-leaning views as coming from a place of privilege. 

"She’s completely detached," said Bamby Salcedo, president of the TransLatin@ Coalition, an advocacy group. "All this truly is about her. It’s not about the issues, not about the people."

Christine Hallquist, the first transgender woman to be a Democratic nominee for governor when she ran in 2018, told the San Francisco ChronicleJenner doesn’t grasp the challenges faced by trans people. 

I guess Caitlyn wants to control the border and that puts her out of touch with the challenges facing trans people.

What we see here is that I've experienced being a conservative Hispanic.  In many instances, liberals have accused me of being out of touch because I support legal immigration.  I recall one time debating a liberal and he said that I should support "our people" and defend open borders.  I asked what "people" he was talking about, since all of my real "people" came here legally.  We didn't get too far after that.

Frankly, I find Caitlyn Jenner repulsive.   He is a man dressed up as a woman.  I don't care that I agree with his or her political views but the whole issue of transgenderism is repulsive and unnatural.   Nevertheless, we are seeing once again that transgenders are liberals first and transgenders second.

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