Saturday, September 05, 2020

Mr. Biden’s history lessons

The Joe Biden train stopped in Kenosha this week and we learned a few things about world history: “Joe Biden said a black man invented the light bulb, ‘not a white guy named [Thomas] Edison.
He also said that “they’d shoot me” if continued talking about tax policies.  
 Who is going to shoot him?  I guess that no one in the media asked him about Edison, the city of Washington DC task force recommending  removing monuments or the potential shooter.
 Why would a presidential candidate say something so outrageous?
Can we say that Mr. Biden is crazy or senile yet?  
Or maybe he is reading the polls about blacks and Democrats.    According to Rasmussen, 67% of African Americans in Pennsylvania support Mr. Biden and 27% President Trump.   We don’t have the numbers for other states but I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s similar.
So why is Mr. Biden and Democrats always talking about race and telling stories about history?  My guess is that they see these polls and growing African American disenchantment.
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