Friday, July 17, 2015

The killer sharks in Cuba are the ones that Obama is talking to

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As we've told you before, the Castro regime needs cash and lots of it.  The Cuban dictatorship lost the Soviet subsidy in the 1990s, survived with Western loans that they can't repay and Venezuela oil more recently.  
Caracas can't do it anymore.   Latin American countries criticize the embargo but they're not to eager to offer credit either.   
I spoke recently to a good Mexican friend and he said:  "We sell to Cuba but 90 days cash."
I asked why.   His answer is simple:   "Cuba no paga"   (Cuba doesn't pay you back)
So let's introduce you to the Cuban shark, or "el tiburon cubano".   
Tales of sharks in Cuba's waters go back to the days of pirates and buccaneers.     On a sadder note, sharks have also been a factor in the hundreds of stories of people leaving Cuba in rafts.
The regime has pinned its economic recovery on "el tiburon" and other marine life around Cuba.     They want to introduce Americans to all of those sharks, marlins and other sea life apparently unspoiled by capitalism.
My good friend Humberto Fontova, author and anti-Castro activist, alerted us to a new Discovery Channel documentary about the sharks in Cuba.   
It really reminds us of how the regime is pushing tourism these days: 
Right now the paramount propaganda objective of Cuba’s ruling dynasty is tourism-promotion. Cuba’s tourist industry, you see, is owned almost lock stock and barrel by the Cuban military, which itself is run by Raul Castro’s family and cronies. 
So a show accurately depicting the tremendous number of horrifying shark attacks in the waters surrounding Cuba would never get the green light from Discovery’s business partner. Even people with the intellectual candlepower of liberals would start drawing some painfully politically-incorrect conclusions about life in the hellhole Castroism has created.
So the Castro regime wants Americans to go the island and catch all of that "unspoiled" territory not visited by tourists for a long time.     I guess that "unspoiled territory" is what happens in a communist land where no one invests or property is stolen.
Here are a couple of things to consider when you go to the island and examine the sharks:  
1)  You may see Cubans at the hotels or resorts.   Bring a baseball cap and leave it with them, specially of a Cuban playing in the major leagues.   They can't get them because these players are "traitors" for choosing to play in the US. 
2)  They will clean your rooms and bring you a "rum & coca cola" but they can't form labor unions.    This is not the workers' paradise that your favorite Marxist told you about.
3)  Your hotel bill goes directly to the Castro family.   They keep your dollars and pay Cuban workers with worthless Cuban pesos. 
4)  You will be serenaded by some Cuban "mambo" combo.   They also work for the government and can't freely record, unless they're approved by the state and give away their earnings.   
Yes, you will see a lot of unspoiled beaches and palm trees.   You won't see any freedom or Cubans benefiting from all of this economic activity.   Can you say Vietnam?
Let me say it again:  The deadly sharks are the ones running the country!

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