Saturday, December 19, 2020

Is Biden going to really reverse Trump's border policies?

On Thursday, I had a long phone conversation with a politician in Mexico.  Forgive me for using "a source familiar with the situation" rather than give you his name. Trust me that this guy knows the situation and I cannot give you his name.

We discussed the potential change from President Trump to Biden regarding U.S.-Mexico policies. Let me summarize the conversation by saying that my friend is sure that a President Biden is going to get an earful from President Andres Lopez-Obrador about the border.  In other words, Mexico is very happy that they've shut down their southern border and President Trump has enforced the northern border.  It appears that Mexicans don't like caravans anymore than we do.

In recent days, we've read about a "caravan" heading north.  We've heard that these people are encouraged by Biden's words or the return of the Obama policies.  

At the same time, we learned that Central American authorities stopped the caravan because they've been warned by Mexico to stay away. My friend assured me that President Lopez-Obrador has made it very clear that Mexico is not going to be the highway to the north anymore.

What will happen under a Biden presidency and the border? Not much. He will do a lot of talking but nothing will change because President Trump's policies worked and COVID has shut down border crossings all over the world.

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