Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Tuesday's podcast: The Texas report with George Rodriguez

Tuesday's podcast:   

The Texas report with George Rodriguez.....

Tuesday's video: The Texas report with George Rodriguez

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative....The Biden border wall controversy.....School choice and the upcoming legislative session.....Hamas and the US border....And other stories.....


Mr. Mayor, we'll see you in New York

 (My new American Thinker post)

Democrats are screaming the same message: The mayor of New York City is telling them to stay home because we don't have any room. The governor of Illinois is asking another question: Why are migrants only going to blue cities?

In both cases, you see leaders avoiding the obvious. They will continue to come as long as you let them in. And the buses are going to blue cities because they advertised themselves as sanctuary cities. (By the way, some of the buses are coming from Democrats in El Paso)

The problem is that the migrants know that the Democrats are just talking. In other words, they have nothing to fear once they cross the border. This is an example of what I mean from Nikolas Lanum:

Despite this warning, more than a dozen migrants bound for the U.S. told The New York Timesthat Adams' comments would not deter them from reaching the city.

"I think he, as mayor, is defending his country," Johanna del Valle Acosta, a mother of three traveling from Venezuela, said.

"Suddenly, other countries see us as a threat, but we are good people who want to work."

On Friday in Quito, Carlos Gabriel Hernández revealed that he and his wife and two children had previously attempted to cross the Darién Gap. While the initial trip proved too treacherous, he said his family still has plans to reach New York.  Hernández said that he was offended to learn why Adams had decided to visit and claimed his arrival in the region would not change the minds of everyone coming through the border.

Migrants come, and will continue to come, because they know that the Democrats are not serious. No one is threatening to close the border and deport those who cross illegally. There are no mass arrests anywhere. It's just a lot of talking and the migrants instinctively know it. They've grown up with lots of demagoguery from their local politicians and can see it in the words of the mayor and the governor. And they know that President Biden won't close the border.

To remember that movie about a field of dreams: If you open the border they will come.

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