Monday, November 16, 2015

Thank God that Texas A&M was playing on the other channel

The bad news is that the Democrats had a debate. The good news is that there was a lot to flip to on the other channels, from the Aggies to the Mavericks to a John Wayne movie. I don’t recall using the remote so much in my whole life!
Once again, the world saw what the modern Democrat party looks like:
1) a nice old man who still thinks that the Woodstock soundtrack is topping the charts. Mr Sanders is a New England gentleman but it’s hard to see how any taxpayer can take his rhetoric seriously;
2) a woman named Clinton who changes positions so often that she may soon tells us that she really didn’t vote for Obama after all; and,

3) the former mayor of Baltimore, a man who is probably setting himself up for 2020.   What else could he be doing in the 2016 debate?
We got pretty much what we expected: Everything is Bush’s fault and I hate the Iraq War. 
The moderators tried to ask questions about the mess in the world but the candidates just avoided them.
Who cares about foreign policy in the modern Democrat party anyway?
On domestic policy, we got the long list of promises that the rich will pay for.
At one point, Senator Sanders said that we are the only nation that does not guarantee health care for all. Isn’t that what ObamaCare was supposed to be about? Was I living in a different planet for the last 7 years?
On gun control, they cited this poll and that poll. However, they couldn’t answer the question about President Obama failing to get Senate Democrat majorities to do a thing about gun control.
As with immigration reform, the Democrats love to talk about this and that but then never deliver when they have the votes.
On foreign policy, Mrs Clinton took a shot at President Obama’s containment comment but did not explain how she would defeat ISIS.
They’re all talking about forming a coalition. However, the only coalition that I remember is the one that President Bush put together to invade Iraq. What coalition have President Obama and Secretary Kerry put together?
It was so boring that even CBS News stopped the debate early:
CBS brought in the second Democratic debate seven minutes under time, giving Iowa Democrats the chance to catch the end of the No. 5-ranked Hawkeyes’ game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.
The candidates began their closing statements with more than 10 minutes to go until the scheduled 11 p.m. conclusion, with Bernie Sanders finishing his at 9:52 p.m. local time. Moderator John Dickerson cut to a commercial break, returning with final thoughts from the panel and a teaser for the next debate on CBS for the Republicans on Feb. 13 in South Carolina.
Overall, it was a waste of time, specially since Mrs Clinton has it all wrapped up anyway. Clinton has the super delegates, or her insurance policy that no 2016 Obama spoils the nomination that she’s entitled to!
It’s hard to believe that this is the party that once nominated FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ.
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