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Arizona vs Biden on guns plus the courts & Beatles 1970

Arizona vs Biden on guns plus the courts & Beatles 1970 04/09 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Arizona a Second Amendment sanctuary state?.....Gun control and violence..........President Biden wants to study the size of The Supreme Court....The Beatles 1970...........and other to listen:

Friday’s video: It was 51 years ago today...

Friday’s video: 
It was 51 years ago today.... 
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Atlanta listening to Alfredo

What happened to that business we were going to get because of the All-Star Game?  My guess is that a lot of minority business-owners are asking that question in Atlanta.  Gone is the All-Star Classic and lots of deposits in checking accounts!  They didn't just take the game to Denver.  They took a lot of jobs, too!

This is why a lot of people in Cobb County are listening to Alfredo Ortiz, the CEO of Job Creators Network.  I don't know if he can throw a curve, but he knows jobs:

"They are barely making it out of the coast crisis out of the pandemic and now they're faced under the Biden administration with potentially higher taxes, a higher minimum wage, more red tape and regulations and now this," Ortiz said of minority business owners. "I mean, this was an opportunity that my understanding and I'm glad you had the commissioner on as well is going to cost upwards of $100 million of economic damages and impact to the state."

"These small business owners especially in Cobb, I mean, a lot of these are minority-owned businesses that were really looking forward and desperately needed this kind of revenue instream," he continued. "All because quite frankly there was a misinterpretation or misunderstanding or... just an outright lie of the law that was passed here in Georgia on voting rights. The bottom line is that law, it just makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat."

Ortiz is right about the law and the economic impact that pulling the game will have on people.

He is also correct on the misinterpretation of the law.

Why so much lying about a law that makes it easier to vote rather than cheat?  I believe that Democrats are trying to change the subject from higher gasoline prices and chaos on the border.  The Democrats always play the race card when they have nothing else to say.

Meanwhile, lots of minority businesses in Atlanta just saw the midnight train to Georgia take a detour to Denver.

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