Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday: Marches, Democrats and US-Mexico issues

We will look at the state of the Democrat Party and the influence of the radical left........how does Senator Schumer satisfy the left and work to reelect Democrats in red states....it could be very challenging given the political landscape of 2018............President Trump and President Pena Nieto will be getting together next week..........let's hope that it's a good meeting and both sides win.........we do $ 500 billion of trade with Mexico.......that's a lot of jobs.......and we remember Winston Churchill who died on this day in 1965.....and other stories.....

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How would you like to be a centrist Democrat after these marches?

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been thinking a lot about a few Democrats who live in Texas. I’ve known them over the years. Some go to my church. Some I’ve done business with. Some I talk Rangers or Cowboys with. Some are classmates from Wisconsin whose dads worked at union shops and had pictures of JFK and Humphrey on their walls.
They are what I’ve come to call Lloyd Bentsen Democrats, or the kinds of Democrats who must be horrified with what they saw over the weekend at the “women’s marches.”
Like Roger Simon, I don’t get these protests:
The idea that Trump, given his life and background, is a social conservative is almost silly. 
His primary issues were — need I reiterate what must be drilled in all our brains — bringing back jobs, lowering personal and corporate taxes, cutting excessive business and environmental regulations, ending illegal immigration, repealing and replacing Obamacare, rebuilding the military, extreme vetting of immigrants from countries where terrorism is prevalent, an America-first foreign policy (no nation building) and revived infrastructure.
On the campaign trail, the social issues were almost completely ignored. 
I listened to at least twenty of his speeches (probably a lot more) and can’t recall his mentioning same-sex marriage even once. (He was known to be favorable to it years before Obama and Hillary “evolved” on the issue.)
Exactly. This is why many of us had our doubts about Mr. Trump during the primaries. We thought that he was too liberal on social issues.   
How can these women be this angry with a man who gave money to the Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Jesse Jackson, and the Democrats?    
What are these marches really about?   
They are not about women’s issues, unless you think that abortion, transgender rights, and the minimum wage are the most important things that women talk about.  
By the way, I don’t think that the minimum wage topic is a winner with the growing number of women who are starting small businesses these days.   
What we saw on Saturday is an angry bunch of women who bought their dresses for the Hillary election night party and now can’t return them for a full refund.
Sorry ladies but you don’t speak for most women, specially when you engage in the kind of pathetic language that we heard on Saturday.     
And last but not least, what was a woman who believes in “sharia law” doing in a march of liberal women?
Let me say again. It must be very lonely and depressing to be a centrist Democrat these days. It must be so sad to watch your party taken over by Madonna and Ashley Judd!
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RIP Maggie Roche of The Roche Sisters

We leaned that Maggie Roche died over the weekend.    Maggie was 65 and a songwriter.    

Maggie and her sisters Terry and Suzzy were The Roches, a trio with some cool songs and super harmonies.     

In 1973, they sang background vocals in Paul Simon's LP.   After that, they recorded several LP's and made many concert appearances.

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