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"Love it or leave it" plus Trump vs social media & Chicago weekends

"Love it or leave it" plus Trump vs social media & Chicago weekends 07/07 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

"Love it or leave it'..........Trump vs social media..Texas governor election polls.....Another bloody weekend in Chicago.......Adams win in New York City.......Happy # 81 Ringo Starr..........
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Wednesday’s video: Foreign policy could be the issue of 2024

Wednesday’s video: 
Foreign policy could be the issue of 2024
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Leave the country if you hate it that much

Back in my younger days, I remember bumper stickers that said, "America love it or leave it."  We need to bring them back.

Over the July 4th holiday, we saw awful news stories.   

First, it was Democrats taking issue with The Declaration of Independence:    

Democratic lawmakers and their allies in the liberal media had a rough time during Fourth of July celebrations this weekend, seemingly criticizing America at every turn and distancing themselves from Independence Day instead of celebrating it. 

And let's not forget NPR:    

Not to be outdone, NPR tweeted out a thread of the original Declaration of Independence, ripping it as "a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies." It also remarked immediately that the document "says ‘that all men are created equal’ -- but women, enslaved people, Indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time."

And of course, there is always the ladies who play soccer.  Apparently, they deny now that it was disrespect.  Maybe they couldn't find the stadium flag or something like that.

I am tired of this nonsense.  It's time to start asking these people a few questions:

1) What other country would you rather live in?  What country in the world has done more to correct its mistakes of the past?

2) Why don't you leave the county and find your rainbow elsewhere?    

The bad news is that these people are obnoxious.  The good news is that there is a backlash and it won't be pretty.

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Happy # 81 Ringo Starr

Happy birthday to Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) who turned a year older today.  Ringo is one of the two surviving members of what we used to call “The Fab Four“.
Ringo will probably go down in history as one of the luckiest men ever born.  Talk about “being in the right place at the right time” or winning the biggest lottery of all time.
In the fall of 1962, The Beatles, and new producer George Martin, walked into a studio to record their first single.  Martin settled on “Love me do,” a Lennon-McCartney tune, and it did reach the top 20 in the UK.  It did not chart in the US.  The B-side was “P.S. I love you”, one of their most underrated songs!
The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, is that Martin replaced drummer Pete Best, an original member of the band and lifelong friend from Liverpool.  Martin replaced Pete with Ringo. 
Pete Best was out.  Ringo Starr was in.   Pete ended up with 9 to 5 job and sadly no one remembers his birthday.  Ringo has a big mansion and everyone remembers his birthday.
Within a year of the roster change, the Beatles had two # 1 songs in the UK:  “Please please me” and “She loves you”.   Eighteen months later, Ringo and his pals were on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and their songs dominated the U.S. charts.
In a few months, Ringo went from being a Liverpool drummer to playing behind John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
He had a great sense of humor and the media loved him.  Ringo had critical roles in the Beatles’ movies, such as his “ring” in “Help” and that funny walk to “This Boy: Ringo’s theme,” in “A Hard Day’s Night”.
Ringo did a couple of “lead vocals”, such as the # 1 song: “Yellow Submarine”.  However, his greatest contribution was being a professional drummer, exactly what George Martin had in mind back then. 
We remember Ringo’s birthday and I hope that he is doing well.
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Happy # 76 Bill Melton

We say happy birthday to Bill Melton who was born in Mississippi on this day in 1945.

Question:  What sluggers won AL HR titles in the 1970's?  

The answer is Frank Howard, Dick Allen (twice), Reggie Jackson (twice), George Scott, Graig Nettles, Jim Rice (twice), Gorman Thomas and Bill Melton.

Wonder how many of you named Bill Melton of the Chicago White Sox?

Bill Melton broke with the White Sox in 1968 and showed some power with 23 HR & 85 RBI in second year.  He led the AL in HR in 1971 with 33 HR.

His numbers fell off after that and he retired with 160 HR & 591 RBI.    Melton played third for most of his career.

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