Saturday, January 06, 2024

Saturday’s podcast: Cuban Americans remember the tradition of 'Los Reyes Magos'


Guests: We remember 'Los Reyes Magos' and growing up Cuban with Tersi Bendiburg (storyteller) and Amarilys Rassler (author). As kids in Cuba, and the US, we used to get our toys on January 6th, or 'El dia de los Reyes Magos'. It was a wonderful tradition and we all have memories of it. 

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It’s your thing Joe


The latest from the border is that the Department of Justice is picking another fight with Texas.  As you may know, Texas passed a law making illegal immigration a state crime.  According to Governor Abbott, the Biden administration has forced Texas to fend for itself.  So it’s more “court time” for Texas vs. the DOJ.

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