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A chat with George Rodriguez about US-Mexico border issues


A chat with George Rodriguez about US-Mexico border issues 09/17 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts:

Guest: George Rodriguez, editor of 'El conservador' and political activist in South Texas......we will review the border issues and recent revelations about the Obama administration and the US-Mexico border......the polls are favoring Trump but the first debate will be critical......October other stories......... ..

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The Cuba deal was about Obama, not to benefit the US or the Cuban people

It was about 22 months ago that President Obama announced a change in US policy toward Cuba.    What do we have for reversing the policy of every president, from John Kennedy to George W Bush?  
What did US citizens get out of this?  
What did the Cuban people get?  So far nothing!   It’s the same old repression and torture that they’ve had since this corrupt regime took over and destroyed the island.
Indeed, some Americans will get to travel to Cuba and enrich the Castro family.       Overall, this does not look like a good deal for anyone who loves freedom.
The best explanation is at the editorial page of The Washington Post:   
If you think the president’s policy will “empower” the fledgling Cuban private sector, as opposed to the overbearing state, think again. Easy money from expensive visas is a relatively minor example of the regime’s so-far successful efforts to reap direct benefit from the new relationship with the United States. Even more important is the fact that the Cuban armed forces own the country’s dominant tourism companies, and those firms are expanding their role in anticipation of an American influx.  
Who has benefited?    
First, President Obama now has a post presidency story that he can tell anti-US audiences around the world.     He can say that he ended wars, signed a nuclear deal with Iran, closed GITMO and opened relations with Cuba.  It will bring anti-US audiences to their feet but won’t do much to help the US.
Second, the Castro brothers can now remind the world that President Obama is as weak as they come.   In other words, they got everything they wanted without having to make concessions.
What about the Cuban people?   They are now ruled by a dictator who just got a cash infusion from the Obama policy.    
What a disgrace like so much of the Obama foreign policy.
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The girl who cried ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ and…

As we learned many years ago in school, there was a young boy who kept crying wolf. The boy kept crying wolf and the villagers came running to his defense. Over and over, they boy would cry wolf but there was not really a wolf  Eventually, the wolf really came but nobody in the village paid attention.  
It sounds a bit like the Clinton campaign of 2016. She keeps crying racism, sexism and every other “ism” but no one seems to care anymore.    
As Howard Kurtz wrote, she is running out of ammunition:
She has called him temperamentally unfit, too dangerous for the Oval Office and ignorant about foreign policy. 
She has said he makes racist statements and that many of his followers are in fact racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and Islamophobic. 
She has said he’s built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. 
She has denigrated his business record, mocked his corporate bankruptcies and accused him of stiffing small contractors.
What else has she got? How do you stage an October surprise if you’ve gone nuclear in July, August and September?
No wonder Democrats are getting nervous.
After all the stuff dumped on Trump by the Hillary camp and the media, he’s tied in the CBS/New York Times poll, trailing by 1 point in a new Fox News poll, and ahead in such crucial states as Florida and Ohio. 
So what should Clinton do now?
What can she do? Frankly, not much. She cried wolf too many times and people just don’t believe her. Calling people racist used to be the worst of slurs.
Today’s Democrats call you racist because they disagree with your politics.   
September has turned out to be a cruel month for Mrs Clinton and the Democrats.    
A month ago, they walked around like the guy with a lottery winner in his pocket:
1) They were going to blow Mr Trump out of the water with millions in TV advertising. As Charles Krauthammer wrote, it did not work. They spent the money and Trump is actually gaining on her. All of those TV ads calling Mr Trump a monster did not work.
2) They thought that Trump would deliver the presidency and the U.S. Senate. Actually, today’s polls are not saying that at all. The GOP is now more confident about keeping the Senate and it’s the Democrats who arenervous about 2016.
To be fair, all of this could change. Trump could go off script and get into a fight with someone other than Mrs. Clinton. We remind you that he has done it before.
At the same time, it could change the other way specially if Mrs. Clinton’s health acts up again.
It’s mid-September and Mr. Trump is the one gaining and Mrs Clinton is the one screaming “racism”, “sexism” and talking about a “basket of deplorables”.    
My guess is that there is a little panic at the Clinton headquarters. Maybe that poll showing Trump getting 19% of the black vote is freaking them out!
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