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Wednesday's show: Impeachment & Democrats plus San Francisco vs NRA & Paul Harvey (1918-2009)

Impeachment & Democrats plus San Francisco vs NRA & Paul Harvey (1918-2009) 09/04 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The Democrats and impeachment......San Francisco and th NRA.....The Janus decision and Pennsylvania.....Paul Harvey 1918-2009....and other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: A 3rd party challenge from the left?

Who knew? It's Indiana's fault

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For some time, we’ve discussed the weekend shootings in Chicago. It’s a difficult problem for Democrats because it’s “black on black crime” in areas run by their party.   Last, but not least, the shootings did not start with President Trump.
A “war of words” exploded this weekend between Senator Ted Cruz and Mayor Lightfoot:   
The retort came after Cruz, R-Texas, tweeted that “gun control doesn’t work” and pointed to the Democrat-run city as evidence that “disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer.” His tweet referenced an article reporting that at least 25 people were shot in Chicago during Labor Day weekend amid a continuing crime wave in the city.    
“Stopping violent criminals — prosecuting & getting them off the street — BEFORE they commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates,” Cruz tweeted. “Let’s protect our citizens.”    
Lightfoot, elected mayor earlier this year, tweeted a graphic claiming that the top 10 source states of recovered firearms between 2013-2016 included Indiana, Mississippi and Wisconsin.
“60 percent of illegal firearms recovered in Chicago come from outside IL — mostly from states dominated by coward Republicans like you who refuse to enact commonsense gun legislation,” she tweeted.
And so another Democrat blames a Republican — what’s new?
Mayor Lightfoot should be reminded of a couple of things:
First, her party had a President, the House and Senate and did not pass any so called “common-sense legislation.”  They didn’t reinstate the assault ban either;  and.
Second, Chicago’s political class and the state legislature have refused to protect the citizens. Why isn’t the governor putting the National Guard on the street and protecting the citizens?   Why hasn’t Mayor Lightfoot called on the governor to do so?
So blaming Indiana is just the latest distraction.  
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