Saturday, September 22, 2018

The “Flores playbook”

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We’re still enjoying Pete Flores’s super-victory in a state Senate election in South Texas.  He flipped a Democrat seat in a district that the GOP assumed it couldn’t win.  In fact, the GOP had not win this district in 139 years!
How did Mr. Flores do it?  How did a novice politician defeat an experienced and well known former congressman?  How did a GOP candidate win a district that’s 73 percent black and Hispanic?
He did it with big ideas, as Newt Gingrich wrote:
The big choices in this 17-county border district were:
Right to life versus tax-paid abortion.  As Catholics, many Hispanic voters simply won’t vote for liberals who are for tax-paid abortions.  Of course, every Democrat who is campaigning for free government-run health care is campaigning for tax-paid abortion.
Safe borders versus dangerous gangs.  As Patrick explained, “most law-abiding Hispanics support controlling the border, stopping criminals and keeping their community safe from gangs like MS-13.”  He pointed out that he campaigned four years ago on repealing the sanctuary city law in Texas and got about 50 percent of the Hispanic vote.  Flores’s own campaign website clearly states: “Our borders must be secure, and our communities must be safe. … We will make Texas borders secure and a bad place to be for criminals and gangs.  We are and must remain a state where the rule of law reigns.”
Gun rights versus gun control.  Many Hispanic voters strongly support the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.  They distrust and oppose liberals who want to have government control their guns.
Local rule versus centralized bureaucracy.  Most Hispanic voters favor smaller government, lower taxes, and more community rather than Washington controls (or Austin controls in this case).
Work versus welfare.  There is a strong work ethic in the Hispanic community, and the job-creating power of the Trump system is being admired and applauded.  Currently having the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate in history is a real asset for Republicans in the 2018 campaign.
Flores understood his district, a rural conservative district where they value life, safe borders, the 2nd Amendment, and hard work.
How does the GOP compete from coast to coast?  Talk about big issues as Mr. Flores did!
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