Friday, May 27, 2016

The Perils of Trump

On Thursday night, I caught a bit of the interview with Speaker Gingrich on Fox News. He reacted to Mr. Trump’s attack on Governor Susan Martinez of New Mexico:
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned Wednesday that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s attack Tuesday on New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was “very, very destructive” and an example of him going “off the deep end.”
Gingrich is a supporter of Trump and has even been floated as a potential vice presidential running mate for billionaire businessman. But Gingrich told Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling, guest hosting on “Hannity,” that the attack was a mistake.
“You don’t want to see a Republican presidential candidate attacking a Republican governor, and you particularly don’t want to see a candidate who needs to get stronger with Latinos and stronger with women attack a Latina woman Republican governor,” he said.
Do we want a GOP nominee with a penchant for going off “the deep end”?   
I can’t wait to see a Clinton ad with the words “off the deep end” and a reminder that the president has his fingers on nuclear weapons.    
Fair or unfair, it worked against Goldwater in 1964 and he was a much more serious candidate than Trump.
What do you do when you are struggling with Hispanics and women?  You go out and take a cheap shot at the popular “Latina” governor of New Mexico.
It reminds us of the attack on Rafael Cruz on the eve of the Indiana victory. Trump went on TV and talked about some crazy conspiracy connecting Mr. Cruz to Lee Harvey Oswald.
This is why many of us are hesitant to hitch our wagon to the Trump train.
Frankly, some of us are not sure whether Trump will self-destruct down the road, i.e. “go off the deep end” one too many times!
I understand that Trump’s supporters will laugh and say that Trump is not a politician. Frankly, there is nothing funny about “going off the deep end.”
Finally, can someone tell Trump that Governor Susana Martinez is on our side? We need more women like Governor Martinez campaigning for the GOP this year.
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