Friday, May 01, 2020

We will discuss the value of romance in today's world with Frank Burke

We will discuss the value of romance in today's world with Frank Burke 05/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Frank Burke, businessman and author.......and other to listen:

Friday’s video: Did the FBI set up General Flynn?

Flashback: FBI Agent Used 'Briefing' with Trump to Spy on Mike Flynn

Friday’s video:
Did the FBI set up General Flynn?
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Justin Amash like Gary Johnson?

Read the latest about the 2020 Elections
Back in 2016, many of us thought that Gary Johnson would take votes from Donald Trump because he had been a successful GOP Governor from New Mexico.  In fact, a good friend of mine was so frustrated with the Trump nomination that he started working for the Johnson campaign.
He did get 3.4% of the popular vote but did it matter?  Did he hurt both sides?  It’s not clear, frankly.  My experience with Liberterians is that they find both parties appalling and can’t vote for either one.
Representative Justin Amash is exploring a run for president and once again we are talking about the impact on now President Trump.
I don’t buy it.
First, Amash’s presidential run may attract some #NeverTrumpers but not many.   In other words, I don’t see Amash exciting the likes of William Kristol or George F. Will.  Maybe he will but I don’t think so.
Second, I have not spoken with any Trump voter who can’t wait to vote for Amash.  Instead, I find Trump voters who share my frustration with his silly fights with CNN, the network that nobody watches, but will vote to reelect him anyway.
So let Amash run.  The good news is that the GOP will reclaim his seat on election day.  The GOP won that seat by 12 points in 2018.
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"First of May" gets better with time...

We listen to this one every first of May.   And it gets better every year.

This is one of the nicest songs written by the Gibb Brothers.    The song was the only 45 released from the double LP "Odessa", an extremely underrated album.

 Barry does the lead vocals and it was great:  "First of May", now in a digital format.    

By the way, the B-side "Lamplight" was also a great song but did not get much airplay on the radio.

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