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Sanctuary cities in Texas and other stories of the day

Guest: Sylvia Guzman, conservative activist in North Texas...........We will look at the debate over sanctuary cities and what the law in Texas calls for...............plus other stories...........

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The Obama presidency was no “profile in courage”

Years ago, then Senator and future President John F Kennedy wrote a book called “Profiles in courage”.    It was about politicians who did the right even if the polls showed otherwise.   For example, a recent recipient of the award was President Ford who pardoned former President Nixon in 1974.    
Are you kidding me?    Obama Care had nothing to do with courage.   It was a one party effort pushed through Congress and implemented by executive orders.    
And the one about meeting the many challenges?    Like Syria?  or rushing out of Iraq for purely political reasons?    
Sorry but President Obama was never a profile in courage.  
P.S.   Let me recommend the book.   I enjoyed it many years ago in school:

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Let’s impeach Trump because he won?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is off and running.   
Let’s add the Los Angeles city council to the growing list of people who have not read the U.S. Constitution:
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
In other words, we impeach and remove presidents based on criminal behavior, not because we don’t like them.     
The LA Council wants an investigation on whether or not to impeach President Trump:   
The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution Friday calling for an investigation in Congress into whether President Donald Trump has committed any impeachable offenses.
“Today I ask the Council to put our city on the record and tell Congress to do its job by investigating whether President Donald J. Trump has violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution or committed any other high crime or misdemeanor sufficient to warrant commencement of impeachment proceedings,” L.A. City Council member Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) said in a written statement.
“With this resolution the city of Los Angeles calls on our Congress members and our Senators for the good of the country to investigate Trump’s international finances and make sure that he is actually working on behalf of the American people,” Blumenfield, who sponsored the measure, added. “Every day more alarming information comes out regarding Trump’s business dealings and brazenness about lack of transparency and conflicts of interest.”      
Let me ask you this: shouldn’t a city council be worried about city issues, such as public schools, crime, or the quality of life?
According to news reports, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s graduation rate last year was 67.9%. So 30% of LA high school students failed to graduate and these people are worried about Trump?    
Violent crime in L.A. jumped for the third straight year, according to news reports:    
“….robberies were up by 13%, aggravated assaults were up by 10% and rapes were down by 4% through Dec. 17, compared with the same period last year. Homicides were up by 5%.
Overall, violent crime was up by 10% over last year and 38% over two years ago.”
Here is my advice to the LA city council: fix your schools and take care of your streets. Also, get over the election and do your job!
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