Monday, September 09, 2019

Impeachment again plus Democrats debate & Sanford 2020

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Impeachment again plus Democrats debate & Sanford 2020 09/09 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The latest impeachment farce.......Democrats going left but O'Rourke is off the road........Sanford 2020......Koufax perfect game 1965......and other to listen:

Monday’s video: Challenging Trump in the GOP primary

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LGBT activists go after the Saint

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Once upon a time, an NFL star would have been praised for telling kids to read their Bible.  Today, the LGBT community has just declared war on Drew Brees for sharing a video telling youngsters to bring their bible to school.
This is from Chad Felix Greene:     
Brees released a short video encouraging young people to share their faith by bringing their Bibles to school on October 3, 2019. 
The event isn annual celebration designed to encourage personal freedom, religious freedom, and religious pride, and is sponsored by Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian advocacy organization.
The reaction was instantaneous and intensely hostile. 
Sports commentator Robert Littal tweeted, “Drew Brees Created a PSA Video for an Anti-Gay Religious Cult That Believes in Conversion Therapy & Fights Against Any Anti-Discrimination Laws; Wants Kids to Bring Bible to School to Convert Other Kids.” Out Magazine, an LGBT publication, shamed Brees for associating with Focus on the Family, which they refer to as an “anti-gay extremist group.”
So poor Drew is now an intolerant, homophobic American?
The intolerance here lies with the LGBT side, not with Drew Brees.
The LBGT community wants to impose its view of the world on millions of Americans. They forget that respecting and tolerating each other’s beliefs is what this country is all about.

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