Monday, March 25, 2024

Monday's video: Trump case update, UN resolution, Lopez-Obrador's comments

Monday's video: 

 Trump case update, UN resolution, Lopez-Obrador's comments.....


It's the preachy women, stupid

It's the preachy women, stupid: Yesterday, it was Bill Maher.  Today, it's James Carville.  Yes, they are trying to wake up the Democrat party but will any one listen?    This is from Carville:    

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Religious movies about The Ten Commandments and Easter

Guests:   Leslie Eastman and Barry Jacobsen join me for a look at religious movies made in Hollywood.   

Some of the movies that we discussed were "The 10 Commandments", "King of Kings", "The passion of Christ", "Song for Bernadette", "Man for all seasons", "Ben Hur", "Jesus of Nazareth" and others.

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