Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday's show: North Korea and other national security issues with Barry Jacobsen

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Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger..........we will discuss the situation with North Korea.......another school other national security stories....

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Saturday's video: May 19 & May 20 in Cuban history

Good numbers and good feelings

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Remember “the blue wave” that would drive millions out to vote to show their unhappiness with President Trump?
Maybe the blue wave has run into a counter-wave of good feelings, as Gallup reports:
The latest results are based on a May 1-10 Gallup poll, which was conducted after North Korea announced it will end testing of nuclear weapons and engage in diplomatic talks with the U.S. 
The higher satisfaction recorded this month also followed the release of the April U.S. jobs report, showing unemployment at 3.9%, the lowest since 2000.
North Korea news?  Jobs report?  My guess that it’s the jobs report and a general sense that things are getting better. 
Let me make a couple of observations:
First, politically speaking, the report has good news for Republicans:
The rise in satisfaction this past month has been attributable to a large increase among independents (from 26% to 35%) and a smaller increase among Republicans (from 57% to 63%).  Meanwhile, 14% of Democrats are satisfied, essentially unchanged from 13% readings the past three months, and similar to the 12% average for that group since Trump became president.
A little math, please.  Independents up, Republicans a bit more supportive, and Democrats unchanged.  It sounds like good news for Republicans.
Second, the good feelings come on the heels of incredibly negative coverage of President Trump.  In other words, anyone watching a certain network overseas must be wondering why people feel better.  Well, because they do feel better.
Again, a poll is a poll, so let’s keep it in perspective.  Nevertheless, people are feeling better, and they are telling Gallup, and CNN, that.
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