Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday's show: Cuba and sonic attacks, the Clintons vs Democrats plus other stories of the day

We will look at more of the reckoning of Bill Clinton..........what Democrat will turn on the Clintons next? Cuba was using 'sonic attacks' on Cuban political prisoners, according to some now living in the US..........Gettysburg Address 1863 and the amazing 272 words that defined a country......violence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is totally out of control.......Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys, in full war with the NFL and the is that going to turn out.................Sandy Koufax retired at age 32 in other stories of the day..........

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Easy to pick a turkey this year

We always have a little fun this time of the year and hand out some turkey awards. Frankly, I feel bad for the poor turkey who never ran to be the dish of choice for Thanksgiving or the symbol of these awards.    
So with all due respect to the turkey, let me say that there is a clear-cut winner in 2016. In fact, I can’t recall the last time that anyone ran away with the award like this.   
My “turkey of the year” is the media.    
First, they gave Trump a billion dollars of free media. I guess that Trump was good for ratings because they chased him like a bunch of girls chasing Elvis in his prime. They went everywhere that Trump went and ate out of his hand no matter what he fed them.  
Second, they went out of their way to destroy Trump, from 24/7 negative coverage at CNN to the New York Times determining that it was their duty to protect us from his presidency.     
In the end, Trump shocked them with a victory that not a single expert at these outlets saw coming. Now, he is playing them like a violin with daily speculation about his appointments.    
Remember the old commercial? Bo knows baseball? Trump knows media!
A few weeks ago, Gallup made it all official: Nobody likes the media anymore. Worse than that, nobody believes them, as we see from this recent survey:
 Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. 
This is down eight percentage points from last year.
One of three Americans believes that the media will call it accurately!
How long would a car maker survive if only one of three Americans had faith in their cars? Or what airline could stay a business with a reputation like that? Or who would buy a ticket to a baseball game if only one of three thought that the umpire was being honest behind the plate?
So the media is our “turkey of the year”. No doubt about it. They are off to a great start to win the award next year!
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Deplorables all: The Clintons, Donna, and Kirsten

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We’ve been watching what they call “the reckoning of Bill Clinton.” What we are really seeing is the implosion of a political party that made a pact with the devil and corrupted itself to the core.
It sort of started with Donna Brazille’s book Hacks and her explosive comments about Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. I was listening to a radio interview with Miss Brazile last night and could not help but say: “Donna — why now and not 18 months ago?  What job in a future Clinton White House did you have mind that forced you to say silent?”
Now we have Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York saying that President Clinton should have resigned in 1998, when the scandal exploded.
Okay — I guess that it’s better late than never. However, this whole episode just proves how corrupt the Democrat Party really is.  They are nothing but a bunch of dishonest opportunists who have suddenly discovered that President Clinton was not a very nice gentleman after all.
As for Senator Gillibrand, the hypocrisy is overflowing. She replaced Mrs. Clinton in the U.S. Senate and never refused to have President Clinton campaign on her behalf. In fact, not long ago she praised him for campaigning for her seat.  
Now, she is singing a different tune. Why is that?
The first reason is that it does not cost her anything.  The Clintons are a couple of old folks who won’t matter much in the future. In fact, they may be facing some legal challenges down the road, from uranium sales to the infamous GPS dossier to contributions to the Clinton Foundation.   
The Clintons are toast and Senator Gillibrand has no use for them anymore. She explains her “raw opportunism” along the lines that times have changed.   
Really? When was it acceptable in some other time for a man to drop his pants in front of a White House intern? Or for the president’s wife to lead a campaign to destroy the women who were accusing him over past behavior, way more complicated than inappropriate touching!
Senator Gillibrand and Miss Brazile are two ladies living in a “basket of deplorables,” to use a phrase from not long ago.
Would Miss Brazile have written that book or would Senator Gillibrand be talking about resignation if Mrs. Clinton had won?
The answer is a loud NO. They would have been defending the new Clinton presidency and enjoying whatever benefits, especially Miss Brazile, it would have provided them
Deplorables all, from the Clintons, to Brazile, to Gillibrand, and now Franken!   
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2005: The USS Iowa vs the insanity of San Francisco

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The USS Iowa is one of the historic ships in naval history. It saw action in World War II and Korea. 

It carried Pres. Roosevelt home from Europe during World War 2.  It is a tribute to everything that is great about the US.

Yet, city supervisors voted 8-3 to keep the USS Iowa away from San Francisco

Is there any doubt that San Francisco is living in another country or planet?   

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