Saturday, May 23, 2020

Monday’s poll, Tuesday’s poll and so on!

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By the way, do news readers do anything but read poll results these days?  It sure feels that way:  Monday’s poll, Tuesday’s poll, Wednesday’s poll and so on.
Well, one poll has been fairly consistent.  I’m talking about the “betting odds” poll showing Trump up 9!
What poll do you believe?  I guess that it depends on who you are voting for.  Polls are like prime time cable news shows.  You like the poll, or the host, that tells you what you want to hear.
All these polls showing former VP Joe Biden beating President Trump are actually a serious burden for Democrats.
How do you replace a guy headed for a landslide?   He is up 11 in one poll and 8 in another!
As we know, these polls are snapshots based on samples.   The methodology is problematic.  Worst of all, how do you take a poll in a country where no one answers the phone?
There is no guarantee that Pres. Trump will be reelected.  
At this point in 1984, President Reagan had slightly over 50% approval and went on to win 49 states and 60% of the popular vote.  Today, President Trump is at 45% and in the range to win reelection.
To paraphrase Gerry and The Pacemakers:   “Don’t let another poll catch you crying”!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t live from poll to poll.
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We remember George Carlin (1937-2008)

The great George Carlin died in 2008 and he was a very funny man.

Back in the days of "8 track tapes", I used to laugh like crazy listening to these guys make fun of our society.

The baseball vs football act was released years ago.  I laughed then and it is still very funny today!

Then there were the famous "7 words" that you couldn't say on TV!

He was funny.

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Bonnie & Clyde: Many decades and people still interested

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In 1967, the “Bonnie and Clyde” movie introduced millions to the couple and their flawed story.
Around Dallas, there is a lot of interest about the anniversary, as recently reported by The Dallas Morning News:
“Seven miles down the road, two crooks died a long time ago.  
For most other criminals, that could have been the end of the story. But Bonnie and Clyde live on. In the imagination of the public, Hollywood, haunted descendants and here on Main Street in this tiny town about an hour east of Shreveport; the legacy of their two-year crime spree endures 80 years after their bloody deaths on May 23, 1934.  
It is here in this northern Louisiana town of 979 that the son of Ted Hinton, a Dallas County deputy who was in the posse that killed Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, has set up shop to tell the story of how the couple and their gang lived and died. His Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum shows how the two robbed banks and killed people, loved each other and died young.  
Boots Hinton, the son, was born not long before his father helped kill the two outlaws on State Highway 154, which remains remote today.
He said there are two big reasons people latch on to Bonnie and Clyde.  
“One, it’s a love story that would put Romeo and Juliet to shame,” he said.
“The other is guts and bullets — the blood.””
I just hope that people remember that Bonnie & Clyde were actually ruthless killers.  They shot and killed law enforcement officers, as well as innocent people or bystanders.   It’s hard to see anything romantic about that but the young couple still generates a lot of curiosity.
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