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The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest: Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda ........Mayor Adams of New York City.....The baby formula crisis.....The politics of overturning Roe v Wade.........and other stories.......
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Monday's video: George Wallace 1972......Texas politics...and more stories

Monday's video: 
George Wallace 1972......Texas politics...and more stories.......

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The states will eventually give voters what they want on abortion


(My new American Thinker post)

The worst thing about Roe is that it took the voters out of the conversation.  It became "the law of the land" and pro-life people were told to shut up and go to our room.  No wonder abortion is at the core of today's polarization.

As we move back to the states, the voters will elect legislators who will give them what they want.  This is from Michael Graham:   

Ask Americans if they agree with pro-choice absolutists that abortion should be legal all the way through pregnancy, and only 19% say yes. That’s in a Pew Research poll from March 2021, as well as in Gallup’s polling going back two decades. Support for Planned Parenthood’s position has rarely broken the 20% mark.

But when Pew asked Americans if they share the pro-life absolutists’ view that all abortions should be illegal, just 8% agreed. Gallup’s number is a bit higher, with around 20% supporting a complete ban, but still a distinct minority.

Meanwhile, in poll after poll, 60% or more of Americans say abortion should generally be legal in the early days of pregnancy -- particularly the first trimester -- but banned later in the pregnancy. Once the third trimester is reached, 80% of Americans oppose abortion.

Eighty percent. How many “80 percent” issues are there in the current political climate?

So that's where the country is today, and will be after state legislatures reach these compromises.   

We can finally look forward to a future where nominations to the Supreme Court are about the candidate's qualifications, not their opinions on Roe.  Or, a future where nominations do not turn into a circus where extremists find people who allege something that happened 36 years ago, i.e. Kavanaugh.

Let the voters decide on abortion and then you can move to whatever state has an abortion policy that you are happy with.  The men who decided Roe in 1973 created this mess and it's time to let the voters clean it up.

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