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Facebook & Twitter make big mistake & Democrats vs Amy plus more

Facebook & Twitter make big mistake & Democrats vs Amy plus more 10/15 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Facebook and Twitter make a bit mistake over the Hunter Biden story.......Senate Democrats playing delay games.....US gun sales.....Houston Rockers GM stepping down........'I love Lucy' 1951...Clarence Thomas 1991 and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Twitter & Facebook making big mistake


Judge Barrett meets Trump Derangement Syndrome

Let's hope that civics classes in the country are not watching the Supreme Court hearings.  Once upon a time, teachers would tune in congressional hearings to teach about the wonders of our democracy.  What we've seen this week is a pathetic display of what Senate Democrats have turned into.  It's all about abortion or showing their crazy base that they will do, or say, anything to defend Roe v Wade.  Wonder how many centrist Democrats are looking at this and getting sick?

Let's sample the Democrats, as reported by Stephen Kruiser:   

The display put on by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday ranged from just sad to a most perfect display of what demented partisan hatred can do to a person.

Kamala Harris finally peeled off that campaign aura of calm and reminded us all just how off-putting she is. Harris remained in her office to question Barrett, just to keep the COVID panic porn ratcheted up.

Rather than being thoughtful -- which she’s probably incapable of anyway -- Harris opted for ad hominem.

Here is more:    

Amy Klobuchar was fairly pathetic, admitting that she’d kind of hoped it would be her who was nominated for the Supreme Court one day rather than Barrett.

Gotcha, Sen. Sour Grapes.  Klobuchar flailed about while questioning ACB about Roe v Wade and precedent. ACB got her so twisted around at one point that Klobuchar was unable to get out a coherent sentence. 

Then came that awful woman from the beautiful state of Hawaii.  How can people elect such a woman?  They did:    

The vilest display of partisan hatred came from the pinched, bitter, and probably evil Mazie Hirono, the senator from Hawaii.   

Her question about "sexual assault" was asked in front of the judge's children.  Senator Hirono told reporters later that she asks that questions of every nominee.

So here we are.  This is what defending unconditional abortion has to done to this party.  They are at the mercy of a crazy radical wing overflowing with partisan hatred.  

Let's hope that civics or U.S. history teachers decided to keep the TV off.

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