Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Raul Castro's remarks showed little respect for President Obama

A couple of days ago, Cuba welcomed the 3 convicted spies released by the US.   This is the swap for Mr Gross that everybody does not want to call a swap.

Elian Gonzalez, the kid found in the ocean and sent back to Cuba, was there too.  He must be a young adult by now!

And Raul Castro closed the event with  a speech:

"It was a week of triumph for Raul Castro. 
A prisoner swap between Washington and Havana meant all five of the imprisoned Cuban spies were finally home. 
The Cuban prisoners were known as “anti-terrorist heroes” and were guests of honor at Cuba’s Assembly and given a prolonged standing ovation.

Then, during his televised address, Castro spoke of his other achievement, ending half a century of diplomatic isolation from the United States. 
He acknowledged that big differences remain between the two countries, though they could now discuss them on equal terms.
But don’t expect Cuba to change, he said.
“No one should think that in order to improve relations with the United States Cuba should renounce the ideas for which it has fought for over a century
In the same manner that we have never tried to have the United States to change its political system, we will demand respect for ours,” Castro said.
President Castro also called on Obama to use his executive powers to ease the decades-old economic trade embargo and to take Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terrorism.
To this end, he made the following pledge:
“From Cuba, no terrorist act has ever been organized, financed or carried out against any US person, interest or territory and it will never be allowed,” Castro said."

Let me say this:

First, I'm sure that Raul Castro knows a thing or two about issuing unilateral executive orders!

Second, the Castro regime did order the shooting down of a plane over international waters in February 1996.  It killed for 4 Cuban Americans, or US citizens.   I would call that terror.   It was one of the big reasons that those men were sitting in one of our prisons.

Third, we learned that the Cuban government will not send back fugitives from US law, such as the lady who killed a police officer in Philadelphia.  They call it 'asylum"!

This speech was "in your face" Obama.   It confirmed that the Castro regime has no plans to change.   He is still that same dictator after all these years.  

The Obama White House can not be happy.     However, this is what happens when you "coddle dictators".   They show you no respect even after you've thrown them a lifeline.

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